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Traveling the world on a working holiday visa
May 13, 2011
Korean university student Choe In-hwan returned to Korea in April after a one-year-stay in Australia. He’d traveled, studied English, and worked for a year in Perth without dipping into his savings at all. Instead, he made 10 million won, which he’s planning to use to pay his tui...

Rainbow Schools help multicultural children adjust
May 06, 2011
(hoto courtesy of the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family)The Ministry of Gender Equality & Family opened its Rainbow School in March  to help the children of international marriages adapt to life in Korea.The number of international marriages in Korea is rising ste...

Korean cooking classes open in Russian colleges
May 04, 2011
Photo: Yonhap NewsKorean cooking classes open in Russian colleges. Korean food cooking classes were have been opened in five colleges, including the Moscow Food Technology College and Moscow Food Industrial College in Moscow, Russia.  The programs run for 12 weeks starting ...

ASEAN broadcasters visit Korea
May 02, 2011
Reporters and producers from five ASEAN countries, including Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia, visited Korea from April 23 to 30 to make special TV programs and documentaries about Korea. The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), under the Ministry of Culture...

Rain No. 1 in TIMES 100 online poll
Apr 29, 2011
Rain, a South Korean actor and singer, was selected as the most influential person in the world in an online poll conducted by TIME magazine.This is the second time for Rain to take the top slot, after first winning in 2006. Rain received the most votes out of 204 candidates, wit...

Two-day world tour to take the stage at Seoul Plaza
Apr 28, 2011
The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the Seoul Friendship Fair 2011 from May 7 to 8 at Seoul Plaza and around the Mugyo-dong area in downtown Seoul. The Seoul Friendship Fair, which celebrates its 16th edition this year, will bring together performance troupes from siste...

Korean flowers taking root at home and abroad
Apr 27, 2011
Korea’s floral exports are blooming. Less than two decades ago, exports of Korea’s indigenous flowers — the full-petaled, snow-white Baekma, the enticing scarlet buds of Pearl Red and many more —totaled just US$2.4 million. Today, that figure has soared to more than US$100 millio...

Taste of Korea NYC brings New Yorkers a free lunch
Apr 27, 2011
(Photo courtesy of the ministry)On April 18, the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, together with the Hansik Foundation and Korean chefs in New York, launched a Hansik mobile kitchen campaign.As part of the "Discover Korea's Delicious Secret" campaign to prom...

Goethe-Institut brings German culture to Korea
Apr 22, 2011
Since its foundation in 1968, the Goethe-Institut has offered information and events that are related to German culture, society and politics, and is world-renowned for its exceptional collection of German literature. There are 136 Goethe-Instituts around the world, offering both...

F1 Korea Grand Prix recruits volunteers
Apr 22, 2011
The F1 Korea Grand Prix Organizing Committee is recruiting volunteers for the 2011 F1 Korea Grand Prix, which will be held from October 14 to 16 at the Yeongam Circuit in South Jeolla Province.Applications will be received from April 21 to May 20 to find the 780 volunteers needed...