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Friends of Diplomats teach diplomats Korean language
Apr 08, 2013
Many people think of diplomacy as something official, for which they must wear nice suits and address each other in a formal manner, but a group of students are engaged in a more casual form of diplomacy, by teaching the Korean language to diplomats posted to Korea. The Friends o...


Tree planting cultivates Korea’s hopes, future
Apr 08, 2013
  President Park (center) plants a Korean fir at Korea National Arboretum on April 5, Korea’s designated Arbor Day (photo from Cheong Wa Dae). President Park Geun-hye emphasized the importance of planting trees in Korea, as citizens planted trees nationwide on April 5 t...


U.S. veteran reunited with the girl he saved
Apr 04, 2013
On April 1 at Lotte Hotel in Songpa District, Seoul, U.S. Korean War veteran Richard Cadwallader is reunited with Kim Yeon-soon whom he helped six decades ago (photo: Jeon Han).An elderly American man said repeatedly, “Dreams come true,” as he hugged a woman with burn scars on he...


The pine tree’s close ties to Koreans
Apr 04, 2013
The pine tree is a favorite for many Koreans, enjoying a popularity that can be traced to its close ties to the lives of the Korean people and its versatile uses. In the distant past, Koreans used to hang pine-tree branches over the entrances of their homes when a baby was born, ...


Hanbok makes daily routines beautiful
Apr 03, 2013
Public servants Kim Yeong-sin (center) and Nam Hee-sue (right) help a local resident while dressed in Hanbok at Hyehwa-dong Office, Jongno District in Seoul, on April 2 (photo by Jeon Han).Hanbok is becoming more common in daily life these days. They are catching on at Jongno Dis...


World views on Korea
Mar 26, 2013
With Korea starting a five-year term with a new president, the nation’s past, present, and future have been rising as a hot topic among the foreign press. In addition to Italy’s bimonthly magazine Pragmatica whose February issue shed light on Korea’s development history as seen f...


Gwanghwamun street closes for car-free market
Mar 20, 2013
The southbound side of Sejongno, the main street running from Gyeongbokgung Palace to Gwanghwamun Station in downtown Seoul, was closed off to traffic on Sunday, March 17 for a special car-free street market (photo: Jon Dunbar). Pedestrians took over the street in front of Gwan...


Arirang flash mob makes impression
Mar 19, 2013
A sense of impression and deep emotion often comes at unexpected moments and places. Many people who happened to be on the street of Ssamji-gil in Insa-dong, central Seoul, on the March 1st Movement Day may have had a chance to feel that kind of sensation when they heard popular ...


Feel Korea at Junggok Market
Mar 18, 2013
Korea’s traditional markets are the best site for experiencing Koreans’ unique “jeong,” a special feeling of fondness, warmth, bonding, and attachment. Such traditional markets across the nation have similar, but unique characteristics of their own. These are something more than ...


Korean literature rediscovered by foreign diplomats
Mar 15, 2013
“What is writing to you?" This deceptively complicated topic aroused a heated discussion among the members of the Seoul Literary Society. The social club, whose 40-strong membership includes many foreign diplomats serving in Korea, celebrated its 30th session on March 5. “Lars Va...