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French encyclopedia publisher adopts ‘East Sea’ denomin...
Feb 24, 2012
French publisher Larousse used the term 'East Sea' in the 2012 editions of Le petit Larousse (photo : Yonhap News).Two leading French publishers, Larousse and Michelin, have started using the term “East Sea” to describe the body of water located between Korea and Japan, on their ...


Korea as seen by foreign press
Feb 23, 2012
President Lee Myung-bak holds a press conference following the conclusion of the Seoul G-20 summit on November 12, 2010 (photo courtesy of Cheong Wa Dae).During the last four years of the Lee Myung-bak administration, the foreign media has shed light on Korea’s economic growth an...


Traditional Teas and Korean Dessert Cafés in Seoul
Feb 17, 2012
Turn down a narrow alley in certain neighborhoods in Seoul, and you are likely to find unique and charming cafés selling traditional teas and snacks. There are many such cafés in Insa-dong, Samcheong-dong, and other neighborhoods that are known for preserving their Korean traditi...


Dream Factory, Kidzania
Feb 16, 2012
Shin Saimdang, a Korean artist, calligraphist, noted poet, and the mother of the Korean Confucian scholar Yulgok, is often held up as a wise mother. According to the historical record, she had never taken her children on an excursion for their education, but if she lived in conte...


Find treasures, win prizes at
Feb 16, 2012
Visitors to the newly reopened can join in on the celebration of the site’s twelfth anniversary, as well as the first anniversary of the Korea Blog, by participating in a special month-long online event.From February 14 to March 13, visitors are invited to search for im...


Subway and bus fares in Seoul to be raised by 150 won
Feb 14, 2012
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is raising subway and bus fares by 150 won on February 25."The price of powering public transportation has increased, with prices for CNG and diesel increasing by 40% while electrical costs have been raised by 24%," the Seoul Government said. "In...


Korean language education goes global
Feb 07, 2012
In recent years, there has been a rise in worldwide interest in learning Korean, along with the ever-growing popularity of Korean pop culture around the world. The widespread enthusiasm for K-pop and dramas has led fans overseas craving to learn the Korean language, a prerequisit...


Social media usage in Korea
Feb 07, 2012
While the prevalence and ease of internet usage in Korea is nothing new, a recent report from Statistics Korea offers insight into a trend that has accompanied the arrival of an increasingly connected world: the rise of social media. Social media servicesAccording to Statistics...


The transcendental power of poetry
Jan 26, 2012
One of Korean female poets, Kim Hye-soon“Poetry should not be concerned with quantity, as long as it contains a connotative and implicative nature within,” says Kim Hye-soon, a poet and professor at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. “So it doesn’t matter if the poem goes on for 35...


Comedy of truths
Jan 20, 2012
Korean comedians who are featured at DarinIn Korea, the most popular brand of comedy is known colloquially as “gag concerts” (sketch comedy). Gag concerts got their start in 1999, a time when Korea was suffering in the wake of the Asian financial crisis. The reality facing comedi...