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Seoul Peace Prize goes to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-m...
Oct 30, 2012
“Peace and security, development and human rights are indivisible. We will not enjoy one without the other. We must deliver peace in the fullest sense of the word.” Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon became the first South Korean to receive the Seoul Peace Prize ...


Seoul City Hall’s metamorphosis pleases book lovers
Oct 25, 2012
In front of Seoul City Hall is Seoul Plaza, a popular gathering spot and venue for numerous events and festivals. After more than four years of renovations, the old Seoul City Hall building is set to reopen as Seoul Metropolitan Library. Opening on October 26, the new library wi...


A feast for your senses in Jeonju
Oct 24, 2012
“Eating food is about more than just consumption. It is rather the consumption of a particular culture. Each culture's food will have differences in style, and this year’s food festival aimed to publicize the cultural elements embedded in Korean food”. Organized with th...


Korean antique books discovered in France
Oct 22, 2012
Hundreds of old Korean books collected by French scholar Maurice Courant (1865-1935) have been discovered. The National Library of Korea said it found 254 Korean books, reportedly collected by Courant, at the College de France in Paris during the digitalization of antique books f...


Korean football fans earn respect in Iran
Oct 22, 2012
South Korea faced off against Iran in a qualifying match for the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday, October 16 at Azadi Stadium in Tehran. Although Korea's Taegeuk Warriors lost to the Iranian team 0-1, a post-game show of sportsmanship by Korean fans has become the talk of Iran's Intern...


More Korean couples choose cost-friendly weddings
Oct 15, 2012
For couples looking to get married, preparations for the big day are often complicated by any number of issues including time, cost, varying preferences, and invitations. In Korea, the question of location has become particularly important, with the relatively high cost of rentin...


K-pop magazine published in Russia
Oct 15, 2012
The popularity of Korea’s pop culture has reached Russia.A K-pop magazine called K-Plus has been launched in Moscow by Russian youths. The magazine widely covers Korean pop culture centered on K-pop and Korean dramas.This September, the Korean Culture Center in Moscow held a cele...


Going vegetarian in Korea
Oct 11, 2012
Korean food is swiftly gaining a reputation around the world, from its exotic seafood dishes and fermented vegetables to its grilled meats and hearty stews. But for a significant number of foreign foodies, these Korean delicacies can be difficult to enjoy. Fortunately, as Korea o...


Over 100,000 Chinese tourists to visit Korea
Oct 02, 2012
As China prepares to celebrate one of its longest holidays, Korea's retailers, airlines, hotels, and other tourism businesses are busy welcoming Chinese tourists. An anticipated 100,000 Chinese travelers will visit Korea over the ten-day break, which is made up of the annual Mid-...


Artists with disabilities defy stereotypes in cross-cul...
Sep 05, 2012
As the energy and excitement of the 2012 Paralympics continues in London, a different yet likeminded kind of celebration has opened in Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province). From August 1 to October 7, the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in the city of Ansan is hosting an exhibit entitle...