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Monami writes history of Korean stationery
Oct 28, 2014
In every office and atop every desk in Korea, there is a ballpoint pen of the same design. It has a long, white hexagonal body, a black, blue or red button at the end and a cone at the tip. It is adorned with a three-digit number: 153. This is the Monami 153 ballpoint pen. Taking...


Ottogi Curry brings Indian cuisine to the table
Oct 24, 2014
It’s been many years since the Indian staple of curry and rice became one of the most popular dishes served in the Korean kitchen. How is it that the taste of curry has captured so many taste buds here at home? It’s because not many ingredients are needed to make the dish. It’s a...


Agabang helps with happy birth, smart caring
Oct 22, 2014
Parents hope to give the best things to their children at all times. When choosing an article of innerwear for their babies, they check every centimeter of it to see from what material it is made, how it feels and check the overall condition of the stitches. Some Korean mothers, ...


Korea, Japan share agricultural heritage research
Oct 16, 2014
Korean and Japanese farming specialists gathered in Korea to share research results concerning Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHSs). The professionals from the two countries held a workshop on "Traditional Agricultural Systems and Biological Diversity: GIAHS"...


The globalization of soy sauce: Sempio Foods Company
Sep 30, 2014
More than 600 years ago in the year 1411, a great famine struck the land of Joseon and the people suffered from severe hunger. In November of that year, King Taejong (r. 1400-1418) ordered each local district to make soy bean sauce, or ganjang, from 500 bags of old soy beans and ...


Hidden champion of pepper paste: Jinmi Foods Company
Sep 26, 2014
Some foodstuffs are always on the Korean table, next to the kimchi. Pepper paste, or gochujang, is perhaps the most common of these.It is a fermented red chili paste. To make it, soft-boiled rice or glutinous rice powder is mixed with fermented soybean powder. Chili powder and sa...


LG introduces world’s first UHD OLED TV
Sep 04, 2014
LG Electronics unveils the world's very first 65-inch UHD OLED TV, which shows vivid and bright images with its 33 million pixels.“Bigger, clearer and slimmer.” This is the unchanging wish of television makers. The TV industry has been making ever-newer technology developments, r...


"Packaging is our product": Won Chang industries
Aug 28, 2014
  Various colored boxes produced by Won Chang Corrugated Packaging use direct printing technology and are 30% cheaper than existing products. Arriving on customers' doorsteps worldwide, no one ever wonders where it comes from, or even which company makes it. That is the...


Chungho Nais develops world's first water purifying cof...
Jul 24, 2014
Can a water purifier make coffee? Most people would think it impossible, but Chungho Nais' Whi Caffe can do it. The home appliance can not only purify tap water to produce cold water, hot water and ice, but it can also can make capsule coffee. It can make an espresso, Americ...


Daewoo to build Arctic LNG carriers for Yamal project
Jul 23, 2014
A Korean shipbuilder recently won orders to build icebreaker natural gas tanker ships for use at Russia’s Yamal natural gas project, worth some KRW 5 trillion. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) won the tender to build nine icebreakers to transport liquefied natu...