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Korean cosmetics capture overseas markets
May 29, 2014
Not only in Myeong-dong, the famous shopping district in downtown Seoul, but also in duty free shops in the city, tourists and beauty fans are flocking to makeup shops to buy Korean cosmetics. The advertisements decorating these shops feature famous Korean actresses and K-pop sin...


Glass containers win plaudits worldwide
May 28, 2014
Up until a few years ago, it was mostly plastic food containers that were used to store food in the refrigerator at home. Plastic food containers are cheap and light, but hygienic issues and endocrine-disrupting chemicals used to make the plastic goods raised concerns among consu...


GDP to hit 4% growth in 2014, 2015: OECD
May 09, 2014
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) expects Korea’s economic growth to be 4.0 percent this year and 4.2 percent in 2015. This is higher than the organization's previous prediction of 3.8 percent, which the OECD announced last November. The OECD said ...


Latin America eyes Korean white goods
May 08, 2014
Central and South American markets have shown great interest in many things Korean, not limiting their interest to hip hop and pop groups and soap operas. Latin American consumers are now keeping a keen eye on Korean appliances and electrical goods. Consumers there appreciate the...


1st quarter trade volume, exports set new records
Apr 29, 2014
Korea's trade volume hit a new record in the first quarter this year. According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), the figure combining both exports and imports over the first three months reached a new high of USD 270.8 billion.The country's exports climbed 2...


Rice cooker innovations lead to new markets
Apr 23, 2014
In many Korean families, a rice cooker is one of the must-have items, as rice is the principle staple food across the nation. In the past, people used to cook rice in a large cast iron pot, but those pots have now been replaced with electric rice cookers. A few decades ago, many ...


Evolution of the snack
Apr 17, 2014
It has been a few years now since we've been able to see overseas tourists heading home with big bags of snacks, filling their suitcases with refreshments at the wholesale markets or supermarkets across central Seoul. They all say that the snacks available here are tasty and...


Traditional alcohol catches worldwide attention
Apr 16, 2014
Traditional alcoholic beverages have recently been put under the spotlight at a world drinks fair. At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Tamiangs, a traditional Korean spirit, obtained a double gold medal, the highest honor possible in the competition. In addition, Roya...


Romanson: worn on the wrist for 26 years
Apr 16, 2014
Many people think of Swiss household names such as Patek Philippe, Breguet and Vacheron Constantin when it comes to luxury watches. There is now, however, a small hidden champion vying with these Swiss brands on the global market. It is the Seoul-based watch manufacturer Romanson...


Fuel cell electric vehicles catch on in Europe
Apr 15, 2014
Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) are getting more and more attention in Europe, where there is a premium placed on environmentally friendly technology. Hyundai Motor has been chosen as a supplier of FCEVs under the Hydrogen For Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE) act, a pan-Europ...