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SK digs underwater tunnel to connect Europe, Asia
Aug 25, 2015
Engineers and workers at SK E&C celebrate the completion of the Eurasia Undersea Tunnel in Istanbul on Aug. 22. An underwater tunnel that connects Europe and Asia underneath the Bosphorus has now been linked up using the technology and engineering of a Korean construction f...


Skincare packs enable good looks from head to toe
Aug 11, 2015
These days, many people use beauty packs to care for their skin. Some people may believe that packs are solely for facial skin care, but nowadays we can find a variety of items designed for various other parts of the body. Beauty packs enable us take care of the whole body...


Korean kitchenware attracts customers worldwide
Aug 06, 2015
Anyone who enjoys cooking is always interested in high-quality kitchen appliances. Well-functioning appliances can minimize nutritional loses and can add more flavor to make dishes tastier. The recently rising interest in healthy and non-processed foods is also deeply r...


‘Refrigerator clothes’ help beat the heat
Aug 05, 2015
Various kinds of 'refrigerator clothes' are on display at a shop in Namdaemun Market in Seoul. The clothes range from pants and dresses through to cardigans, and they vary in design and shape. High temperatures are reaching their peak this August. The heat wave and humid...


Korea: skincare face mask heaven
Jul 30, 2015
Reme+G face masks contain a special cotton stick that exfoliates the dead skin cells off the face. Made by Ancors, this product 'tightens' the pores and moisturizes the skin.“Natural fermentation components supply nutrition to the skin. After using the mask, my skin has visibly m...


Soju, Korea's representative liquor
Jul 22, 2015
Soju is a popular local spirit that has comforted people's hearts for many years. No matter whether people feel happy or sad, it has remained Koreans' best friend for a long time. Some people would say they feel something is missing without soju when there is a bowl of hot, boili...


Must-have item for the summer: Shinil electric fan
Jul 20, 2015
Shinil Industrial has received recognition for its electric fans and for the quality of its products. The key to the company's success has been its in-house ball bearing motors which make less noise and less vibration, both of which help to extend the fan's life. An electric fa...


Cook with Sempio sauces, part 13
Jul 17, 2015
This is the 13th part of's series of recipes that use Sempio's Jang line of flavored sauces. The series has been made possible through the cooperation of the Sempio Foods Company, a health-conscious company that's helping to bring fermented soy sauces, soy pastes a...


Enjoy taste, aroma of quality beans with cupped coffee
Jul 16, 2015
Cupped coffee from Maeil Dairies-- Café Latte and Baristar -- reflects the wide tastes of coffee and tea consumers. Emperor Gojong (1852-1919) is known to be the first Korean who ever drank coffee in the country. After the assassination of his spouse, Empress Myeongseong (18...


High-tech vacuum cleaner helps to stay healthy
Jul 07, 2015
People who suffer from rhinitis, asthma, eczema or any allergy need to take extra care to remove house dust and mites. This is because house mites are one of the most well-known initiators that can cause many types of respiratory diseases or allergies. House mites mo...