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Underwater tunnel linking Asia, Europe opens
Dec 26, 2016
The Eurasia Tunnel linking Europe and Asia under the Bosphorus Strait opens on Dec. 20. This is the longest double-story, car-only tunnel in the world. SK E&C CEO Choi Casey poses for photos with Korean and Turkish construction representatives. An underwater sea road has be...


New high speed railway launched to win customer satisfa...
Dec 09, 2016
The new Super Rapid Train (SRT) was launched on Dec. 8. The new train route connects Suseo Station in southern Seoul, Daejeon, Busan and Mokpo. The launch means that the SRT and Korean Train Express (KTX), the existing high speed trains, must compete to provide a superior service...


Korean consumer goods showcased in South Africa
Nov 24, 2016
A local buyer has a one-on-one meeting with a Korean art supplier at the Korea Premium Consumer Goods Showcase 2016, in Cape Town, South Africa, on Nov. 21. A convention showcasing a wide range of Korean consumer goods was launched for the first time in South Africa. The...


Chinese online store serves up fresh Korean food
Nov 16, 2016
The Chinese-language online store Hanshin Food allows Chinese buyers to check, in real time, information about a range of Korean food items that can be exported to mainland China. It is becoming easier and easier for Chinese buyers to get their hands on information on delici...


IT industry seeks new opportunities in Silicon Valley
Nov 07, 2016
The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning hosted the 2016 K-global@Silicon Valley conference in Santa Clara, CA, on Nov. 2 and 3. The event is aimed at helping small and medium-sized Korean venture firms and startups from across the IT industry expand their business overse...


Korea Week attracts Cuban consumers
Nov 03, 2016
Korea Week in Cuba is taking place in Havana from Oct. 30 to Nov. 4. Visitors to the Korea Pavilion look at some of the electronic goods on display there. Korean electronic goods are winning the attention of many visitors. Some of them are enjoying a virtual reality (VR) ...


K-Ribbon Selection label offers premium products
Oct 24, 2016
Gisundo soy sauce (기순도), a product in the K-Ribbon Selection's Hansik category, is a delicious condiment made using a 10-month traditional fermentation and aging process. Thirty-five new products selected last month by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as 2016 Korea...


Foreign press praises Korea Sale Festa
Oct 20, 2016
Members of the foreign press attend a Hanbok fashion show in front of the Doota Mall in Dongdaemun in eastern Seoul on Oct. 19 as they cover the Korea Sale Festa. Members of the foreign press have covered the Korea Sale Festa in detail, all while directly enjoying the festiva...


Korean products win popularity worldwide
Oct 13, 2016
On Oct. 11, KOTRA unveils a list of 100 goods made in Korea that are popular overseas.What do cosmetics, construction equipment, LEDs and automobile batteries all have in common? They're all some of the great made-in-Korea products that have been growing in popularity in ...


Nationwide sale, tourism discounts begin
Oct 05, 2016
Department stores and street stalls in Sogong-dong in central Seoul are crowded with shoppers, while placards and banners announce the launch of the Korea Sale Festa, on Oct. 1 in Seoul. A country-wide series of shopping sales, tourism discounts and pop concerts, collec...