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Home appliances to become newer, more convenient
Oct 29, 2015
More consumers are taking a closer look before purchasing white electrical goods, such as refrigerators or TVs.This is because they are looking for products that are priced at a more affordable price but which also feature more functions and require smaller space. The LG Twin ...


S. Korea ranks 4th globally in biz climate: World Bank
Oct 28, 2015
South Korea's business environment ranking has risen to fourth place among 189 countries on improvements in property registry, contract enforcement and minor investor protection, a report by the World Bank showed Wednesday. According to the international institution's annual "D...


Recycled scraps become luxury goods
Oct 19, 2015
Design is unique, but it is not unfamiliar. Bags can be made from the tops and bottoms of suits, or from recycled leather jackets and coffee-bean bags. You can also make a clutch bag made out of seat belts with pieces from an old necktie giving a particular flare. All of these ca...

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Soju sales rise across SE Asia
Oct 19, 2015
As the word "alcohol" comes from Arabic, so, too, did Korea's soju come from Arabia sometime in the 1200s. One of Korea's most popular alcoholic drinks, soju is now becoming popular in parts of Southeast Asia, following in the wake of successful Korean pop groups and soap operas ...


Cosmetic brand draws consumers with 'harmony'
Oct 16, 2015
They are high quality and are sold at decent prices. There's a wide range of products on offer and they have great packaging. For all those reasons, Korean cosmetics are much loved by Chinese consumers who tend to have similar skin tones to their Korean counterparts and who tend ...


Volvik colored golf balls stand tall in green fields
Sep 21, 2015
Volvik President Moon Kyung-ahn emphasizes the virtuous circle in the sports industry where companies invest in athletes with profits made from sales of good products, and the athletes who receive the investment use the products to promote themselves, which leads to stronger sale...


Sound economy, eased tension upgrade Korea’s credit rat...
Sep 17, 2015
More overseas tourists visit Korea again after the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak hit the country’s tourism hard in June and July of this year. The photo above shows the shopping district in Myeong-dong, downtown Seoul, crowded with overseas tourists one afte...


S&P raises S. Korea's sovereign rating to AA-
Sep 16, 2015
Global credit appraiser Standard & Poor's (S&P) on Tuesday raised South Korea's sovereign rating one notch from A+ to AA-, citing the country's future growth potential and a decline in external debt. S&P said Asia's fourth-largest economy will likely maintain g...


China deepens its love for Korean cosmetics
Sep 15, 2015
A Chinese customer listens to an explanation about the special characteristics and effects of a Korean cosmetics brand while trying a sample of the makeup first-hand at a stall in a department store in Shanghai. Chinese customers’ love for Korean cosmetics has recently been pro...


Korea exports petrochemical technology to US
Aug 31, 2015
A Korean firm will soon begin exporting its petrochemical technology to the U.S. The first-ever Korean firm to do so is Daelim Industrial. The company recently signed a technology license agreement granting Lubrizol the rights to use its technology for the manufacture of ...