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5G to enliven PyeongChang Olympics
Feb 16, 2016
Thanks to 5G communications technologies, people from around the world will be able to more realistically enjoy the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. As an athlete steps up to the launch pad or skis down the slope, TV viewers will be able to feel exactly how fast they're...


Antarctic station breaks ground on glacial research
Feb 16, 2016
Korea's Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station, in its second year of operations, expands its research to cover Antarctica's sub-glacial lakes, geology and meteorite craters. Jang Bogo, Korea's second permanent research station in Antarctica, has been breaking ground in ...


Farming apps bring rise of 'smartfarms'
Feb 15, 2016
It has become a thing of the past to rush to a farmhouse in the middle of the night to check all the crops, as well as the temperature and humidity. All farmers have to do now is to just stay in bed and swipe across their smartphones. This is all thanks to new “smartfarm” technol...


Korean champion to take on baduk machine on March 9
Feb 11, 2016
Lee Sedol, one of go's greatest players, will play five matches against Google's artificial intelligence AlphaGo program starting on March 9. Lee Sedol (이세돌, 李世乭) is a professional baduk, or go, player with a rank of 9-dan (9-단). He's considered to be one of the game's g...


Maritime communications quickened by new digital techno...
Jan 27, 2016
The cargo and passenger ferry Santa Lucino departs Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, on its way to Jeju Island. On Jan. 21, The Ministry of Oceans & Fisheries tested newly-developed digital marine communications technologies onboard. Communicating between ships or between land an...


Korea's greenhouse measurements found to be accurate, r...
Jan 20, 2016
One of Korea's Global Atmosphere Watch observatories on Anmyeondo Island in Chungcheongnam-do Province samples and measures the causes of climate change. Recent air quality tests and samples taken by the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) have been found to be of...

manganese nodule_th_02.jpg

New underwater mining technology pulls up more ore
Jan 20, 2016
Korea has discovered an effective way by which a high volume of manganese, often called the “deep sea bonanza,” can be loaded safely onto ships. This breakthrough tech is the first of its kind worldwide. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries has succeeded in pilot tests wh...


New breeding method revives longhorn beetle
Jan 15, 2016
The Korea National Arboretum is developing a new breeding method that accelerates the metamorphic process of the longhorn beetle, reducing it to one third of the standard time. The reproduction rate of the endangered longhorn beetle, Callipogon relictus, has been sped up...


3-D nautical maps secure safe passage
Jan 13, 2016
A new technology will allow sailors and navigators to embark on their voyage more easily and more safely. The Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA), part of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, released a statement on Jan. 10 stating that it had developed a ...


Newly developed poplar species produces anti-aging agen...
Jan 13, 2016
While regular poplars are in green (left), a new variety of poplar that produces the anti-aging agent anthocyanin grows in red year-round. A new variety of poplar that is able to produce large quantities of the anti-aging agent anthocyanin has been developed in Korea. ...