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Korea tops WorldSkills Competition
Aug 19, 2015
Korea has claimed victory in the 43rd WorldSkills Competition, an international factory and industrial skills contest, that was held in Sao Paulo this year. Korea clinched 12 gold, seven silver and five bronze medals, outdoing the other nations and taking first place in t...


70 years of Korean tech at a glance
Aug 03, 2015
Participants in the opening ceremony observe the humanoid robot Hubo at the Korea Science & Creativity Festival. From Korea’s first mass-produced car, the Pony, through black and white TVs to the humanoid robot Hubo, an exhibit recently offered a special opportunity to have...


New technology catches mosquitoes
Jul 30, 2015
A new technology has been developed that will make your summer much less annoying. It's a technology that can catch mosquitoes. The Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute recently announced that it has come up with a new method to catch mosquitoes using another inse...


Young biologist wins first place
Jul 23, 2015
One of four students came in fifth place in the 26th International Biology Olympiad, an eight-day contest that ran from July 12 to 20 in Denmark. From left are: Seok Jin-hyeon, the highest-scoring gold medalist in the contest, Kim Min-su, Kim Min-jeong and Im Seon-ho. Fou...


Mussel adhesive minimizes post-operation scars
Jul 22, 2015
Surgical thread and medical adhesives used to close wounds can now be replaced with a breakthrough adhesive made from mussel proteins. A recent study has found that adhesives made from mussels are much more effective in suturing and in leaving fewer scars, compared to exi...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #49
Jul 15, 2015
Flora & Fauna of Korea #49 publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. Insects Name: 알노린재 Alnorinjae Scientific name: Coptosoma bifarium Montandon Distri...


Apartments evolve with information technology
Jul 14, 2015
When apartment residents park in their parking spot, an elevator will automatically arrive and wait for them. When they head out afterward, a mirror in the apartment entranceway displays the day's weather and reminds them of where they parked. Apartments geared with ad...


Mountain village goes high tech
Jul 10, 2015
A farming village nestled along the slopes of Jirisan Mountain in Cheonghak-dong, Hadong-gun County, Gyeongsangnam-do Province (South Gyeongsang Province), has transformed itself into an information and communications technology-based village. On July 6, the Ministry of Ag...


Tropical, rare birds visit Korea
Jul 07, 2015
Starting several years ago, endangered and rare birds have been found in Korea, perhaps due to higher temperatures caused by global warming. These birds with their unusual yet distinctive shapes and beautiful colors are now catching people's attention. Among the many birds see...


Even higher speed Internet service on subway, KTX
Jul 02, 2015
Researchers at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) test Mobile Hotspot Network technology that would allow for high-speed Internet access on public transportation. It will be only a short time until Wi-Fi services at up to 1 gigabyte ...