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Researchers develop encapsulated LCDs
Mar 26, 2015
Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have been widely used for TV and laptop screens, among others, as they can show an image's color and shape quite clearly. However, a weakness is that the image on an LCD screen changes when seen from the side, not from the front, due to LCD's flowin...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #44
Mar 25, 2015
Flora & Fauna of Korea #44 publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. Insects Name: 북방풀노린재, North Plant Stinkbug Scientific name: Palomena angulosa (Motschul...


Solar cells become as flexible as paper
Mar 23, 2015
A recently invented new type of organic solar cell has been designed to maintain its functions even when folded over a number of times. A new solar cell is as flexible as paper. It was created by a team at Postech led by Professor Cho Kilwon.This flexible solar cell was crea...

115 East coast book title.jpg

Marine life on the east coast
Mar 23, 2015
Of the three bodies of water that surround the Korean Peninsula, the deepest and bluest of them all is the East Sea, pronounced Donghae in Korean. Images that jump to mind when thinking about the east coast are white sandy beaches, sturdy dark green pine trees lining the beach, p...

115 English map.JPG

Visit every corner of Korea via online gov't map
Mar 20, 2015
It has now become much easier to search every virtual corner of Korea through an online map database. The National Geographic Information Institute has launched its online map service, the “Baro e map.” Baro in Korean means direct or instantaneous. The online map provides helpful...

neosmartpen 115.jpg

Smart tech developed to help you study
Mar 13, 2015
The new school year starts in March. Interest in creating the healthiest environment for studying tends to rise during this season. Over the past four years, the number of patents and registered designs for stationary- and desk-related products has shown a rapid increase. Some ...

115 Herbs to overcome spring fatigue 02.jpg

Herbs to overcome 'spring fatigue'
Mar 12, 2015
As March begins, spring brings the revival of all life. Ever since ancient times, people believed that the arrival of spring, Ipchun, is when frogs wake from their winter hibernation, and this period was the best season to replenish the body with fresh vegetables from new sprouts...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #43
Mar 05, 2015
Flora & Fauna of Korea #43 publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. Insects Name: 북쪽비단노린재, North Silk Stinkbug Scientific name: Eurydema gebleri Kolenati D...


Climate change progressing three times faster in Korea ...
Feb 25, 2015
While many regions across the globe see signs of global warming -- including the melting of glaciers and abnormal weather -- a new assessment has predicted that climate change on the Korean Peninsula is progressing rapidly, at possibly three times faster than climate change in ot...


Genome map unveiled for first time
Feb 04, 2015
A complete genome map containing the genotype and the genome sequencing for all Koreans has been established for the first time. The Korea National Institute of Health (NIH), part of the Korea Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), unveiled the genome reference map fo...