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One step closer to curing heart disease, researchers cr...
Sep 12, 2014
Researchers at the Seoul National University (SNU) hospital have succeeded in directly converting adult skin fibroblasts into vascular endothelial cells for the first time. SNU hospital cardiologists developed a way to transdifferentiate adult skin fibroblasts (SFBs) directly int...


Get the full picture of the Baekdudaegan
Sep 02, 2014
A pictorial information book about the wild plants and animals that live along the Baekdudaegan, the backbone mountain range of the Korean Peninsula, has recently been published. The Korea Forest Service has announced that its photo book, "Forest Biodiversity of the Baekdudae...


KAIST researchers develop highly efficient solar cells
Sep 01, 2014
Researchers have developed highly efficient bio-photovoltaic cells that consist of silver nanoparticles and chlorophyll extracted from plants. The new technology allows light harvesting twice as efficiently as existing technology allows and is expected to open doors for the comme...


New liver cancer therapy uses nano technology
Aug 29, 2014
Korean and Singaporean researchers developed a new way to treat liver cancer using nanoparticle technology.The nanoparticle research taskforce at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) and scientists at the National Cancer Centre Singapore jointly developed a targeted therapeutic ...


Researchers develop technology to transfer nanopillar a...
Aug 27, 2014
Korean and American researchers have jointly developed technology to transfer nanopillar arrays onto a variety of unconventional substrates for the first time. A group of researchers at the National Nanofab Center and Michigan University developed a way to transfer silicon-made n...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #35
Aug 27, 2014
Flora & Fauna of Korea #35 publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. Insects Name: 털매미, Turmaemi Scientific name: Platypleura kaempferi (Fabricius) Di...


Milkvetch root found effective in treating degenerative...
Aug 22, 2014
Milkvetch root is good for treating degenerative arthritis, researchers say. Milkvetch root extract has been found to be effective in helping suppress the progress of arthritis and inflammatory diseases and in protecting cartilage, announced the Rural Development Administration (...


Korea, China share 3-D movie-making techniques
Aug 20, 2014
There has been a constant flow of “cultural transactions” between Korea and China recently, amid soaring demand for each other’s varying content. As part of such efforts to share content-creation techniques and knowhow, a special project, the Korea-China Peng You 朋友 Challenge Pro...


Researchers develop bacteria used to make bioplastic
Aug 13, 2014
Researchers from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and Korea University have developed a technology to produce succinate, a material used to make bioplastics, from CO2-grown microalgal biomass.The engineered corynebacterium glutamicum, a microorganism, can prod...

Omija tea 115.jpg

Herbs for everyday health
Aug 13, 2014
- Medicine to improve focus and cognitive abilities, while calming the nerves - During the summer, hot temperatures often linger into the night, making it hard to sleep and to recover from the day's work. As fatigue piles up, students and office workers who are under constant pr...