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Telemedicine brings health care to remote communities
Jan 08, 2014
In December 2013, Kim Gil-su, a 63-year-old resident of Yeongyang County, Gyeongsangbuk-do (North Gyeongsang Province), travelled 20 kilometers to get to a public health center. With the government’s new telemedicine system of offering health care remotely to distant communities,...


Sprouts and insect-based cosmetics: RDA research bears ...
Jan 06, 2014
Sprouts that are consumed within four days of sprouting have been a popular dish since the early 2000s. Consumers seem to have been attracted to the merits of both its safety as well as richness in vitamins and minerals, in comparison with more ripened sprouts. However, the sprou...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #7
Jan 02, 2014
Flora & Fauna of Korea #7 publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. Insects Name: 고추잠자리 (Gochu jamjari) Scientific name: Crocothemis servilia servilia (Drury) Distri...


New plasma tech cleans fruits, vegetables
Jan 02, 2014
Apples, chilies and tomatoes are some of the most popular agricultural products, but concerns have been raised as pesticides can accumulate in the body unless the food is washed thoroughly before consumption. If a new technology bears fruit, these concerns will be no longer neede...


Korea, Uzbekistan cooperate on solar energy development
Dec 31, 2013
Korea and Uzbekistan are joining forces to develop the solar energy industry. The two countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the joint development of the solar energy industry, in Seoul on December 19. Uzbekistan has abundant sunlight with wide open spaces and b...


New ecological park is home to the world’s plants
Dec 31, 2013
Korea’s biggest ecological park, the National Institute of Ecology, opened on December 27.The ecological repository is located on land covering 998,000 square meters in Seocheon County, in Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province). It consists of the Ecorium indoor botanical...


Emergency app wins software competition
Dec 26, 2013
An app that instantly reports emergencies and explains to the victims how to respond has won the highest prize in the public service apps category at the Smart App Awards 2013 organized by the Korea Internet Professional Association. When encountering an emergency, such as a fire...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #6
Dec 26, 2013
Flora & Fauna of Korea publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. Insects Name: 날개띠좀잠자리 (Nalgae ttijom jamjari) Scientific name: Sympetrum pedemontanum elatum (Sely...


100 technologies chosen to lead the future
Dec 24, 2013
Picture a scene in the winter of 2020 when Kim Mi-rae, a sufferer of a chronic illness, moves into a house in a rural area for health reasons. The time it took to build the house was halved because the house was built using pre-fabricated modules, allowing her to move in earlier ...


Nano-level ultrasound agent developed
Dec 23, 2013
Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have developed a nano-level ultrasound scan medium which is expected to dramatically widen the scope of diseases that can be examined by ultrasound. Hyaluronic acid is 400 nanometers in diameter, much smaller tha...