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Ancient trees to be cloned
Mar 17, 2014
Ancient trees registered as natural monuments will be cloned in order to continue their lineage. The Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) and the Cultural Heritage Administration intend to clone zelkova, ginkgo and pine trees and preserve their DNA in special laboratories. The ...


Rare fish adds mystery to Jeju’s Yongcheon Cave
Mar 14, 2014
A rare specimen of fish has been discovered in the waters of a subterranean lake within Jeju’s Yongcheon Cave, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and national monument. The Luciogobius Pallidus found in the Yongcheon Cave’s spring water has an 8.9% difference in its base se...


Emergency app launched in English
Mar 06, 2014
An app in English that provides useful information in urgent situations was launched on March 5. The app contains emergency contact numbers and teaches users how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) developed the app to satisf...


Researchers discover dementia-causing proteins
Mar 03, 2014
Researchers have discovered new proteins that cause vascular dementia. A team of medical researchers at Konkuk University has come across proteins that cause the degeneration of neurons in the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for cognitive activity, and which result...


Forest healing prevents cardiovascular disease
Feb 28, 2014
Researchers have found that walking in the forest can relax one’s body and mind and, as a result, prevent cardiovascular disease. The research was jointly conducted by the Korea Forest Service along with Japanese and Finnish researchers. In a survey of cardiovascular functions in...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #15
Feb 27, 2014
Flora & Fauna of Korea publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. InsectsName: 팥중이 Patjungi Scientific name: Oedaleus infernalis SaussureDistribution: Korea, China...


New animals, plants identified on Dokdo
Feb 21, 2014
Dokdo, a group of rocks and islets constituting the easternmost point of Korea, is home to 11 newly-discovered animal and plant species found for the first time on the islands, including the endangered Euonymous hamiltonianus Wall tree, also known as Hamilton’s spindle. The new d...


Nature You Meet in the Mountains #14
Feb 20, 2014
Flora & Fauna of Korea #14 publishes a series of articles, “Nature You Meet in the Mountains,” about the peninsula’s mushrooms, insects, trees and herbs & flowers. InsectsName: 풀무치 Pulmuchi Scientific name: Locusta migratoria (Linne) Distribution: worldwide Th...


10.2-channel audio becomes int’l standard
Feb 18, 2014
A 10.2-channel audio technology developed by engineers at the National Radio Research Agency (RRA) has been chosen as an international standard by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN agency responsible for information and communication technology. On February ...


Researchers identify molds used in microbial fermentati...
Feb 13, 2014
Researchers have identified three types of mold that are used during microbial fermentation. The scientists have succeeded in classifying three species of black and white aspergillus mold that are commonly used to break down starches and to form simple sugars while making makgeol...