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Researchers achieve world 1st in semiconductor nanowire...
Jun 12, 2013
Professor Choi Kyoung-jin A research team from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has developed the world’s first large-scale heteroepitaxial growth Ⅲ-Ⅴ semiconductor nanowire on a silicon (Si) wafer. Funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Pla...


UN recognizes Korea’s Enterprise Architecture
May 21, 2013
Korea’s e-government systems continue to earn international acclaim in public services delivery. Korea-made Enterprise Architecture (EA) came away a winner at this year’s UN Public Service Awards. EA is a digital tool that controls and manages public projects of each government a...


Korea leads new era of eco-friendly cars
Mar 12, 2013
With the growing international interest in environment-friendly energy, leading Korean automaker and car parts producers have recently begun the commercialization of next-generation energy cars. These firms have surprised the world, exporting fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), a...


Korea’s IT secures the safety of Special Olympics
Feb 05, 2013
Korean athlete Kang Hyeon-ju crosses the finish line first during the snowshoeing race on January 30 at Alpensia Resort (photo: Jeon Han). What if you get lost in a strange country whose culture, environment, and geography you don’t understand? What’s even worse -- if you have in...


South Korea launches rocket into orbit
Jan 31, 2013
South Korea succeeded in launching a space rocket for the first time on its third attempt. Seeing eleven years of effort pay off, the Naro rocket reached a target altitude nine minutes after takeoff and placed a satellite in orbit, said the Ministry of Education, Science and Tech...


Samsung, LG usher in a new era of curved OLED TVs
Jan 11, 2013
The world’s first 55-inch curved OLED TVs were unveiled on January 8 at the 2013 International CES held in Las Vegas (photo: Samsung Electronics).Korea’s top global enterprises Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have unveiled their own models of the world’s first curved OLED ...


Korea leads the Green way
Dec 26, 2012
Green Technology South Korea is one of the first countries to enshrine green growth in its national development strategy. In 2008, the country dedicated 80 percent of its fiscal stimulus plan to green growth projects, particularly infrastructure and transportation. The following ...


Korea strives to spread its climate forecast technology
Dec 10, 2012
Korea has completed a ‘green triangle’ by establishing the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and Green Technology Center-Korea (GTC-K) along with hosting the headquarters of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Korea. Leading environmental preservation and preparation for climate c...


Korea’s vertical farms envision a greener future
Nov 28, 2012
Imagine a skyscraper inhabited not by people but by plants, where robots monitor spaces that have been technologically equipped to mimic a natural environment. From sunlight to carbon dioxide levels, the meticulously adjusted indoor environment allows for continuous plant growth ...


Smart insights into smart content
Nov 21, 2012
As mobile devices and various “smart” tools become increasingly common, the demand for creative content that can maximize the capabilities of these innovations is also growing. In Korea, especially, where over 60 percent of the country uses a smartphone and 95 percent of househol...