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Korea's first home-built rescue and salvation ship laun...
Sep 12, 2012
The Korean Navy unveiled its first domestically produced rescue and salvage ship at a shipyard in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, on September 4. The 3,500-ton ship, named Tongyeong, was launched for the first time. The ATS-II ship was built to rescue ships in distress, tow away ships d...


Korea counts over 30 million smartphone users
Sep 11, 2012
Since Korea became the first country to pass 100 percent wireless penetration, the number of smartphone users in the country has continued to grow, surpassing 30 million in mid-August. Korea now has over 30 million smartphone users, with recent studies showing that the number o...


New possibilities for organ transplants from pigs to hu...
Aug 21, 2012
When his team’s transplant of a pig’s pancreatic islet tissue to four diabetic monkeys was confirmed a success, Park Seong-hoe (a professor of pathology at Seoul National University College of Medicine) experienced mixed feelings. This success was not merely about overcoming the ...


Trek smart with IT through Korea's national parks
Aug 16, 2012
New items have appeared on the packing lists of hikers and travelers headed to Korea's national parks this summer. On forest trails and mountain clearings that appear otherwise untouched by the spoils of modern gadgetry, smartphones and smart tablets have become a common sight. A...


Free Wi-fi now offered at public areas nationwide
Jul 25, 2012
In South Korea, which counts over 8.4 million fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE) network users and recently became the first country to pass 100 percent wireless penetration, free Wi-Fi services are now being offered at over 1,000 public areas across the country. As...


IT brings Korea's cultural treasures closer
Jul 20, 2012
For a proper tour of Korea’s culture heritage, information is key. With new QR (Quick Response) codes and mobile information services providing quick and easy access to information on Korea’s cultural properties, learning about Korea has become easier than ever. Smartphones for s...


Yeosu Expo, a robot extravaganza
Jun 14, 2012
Among the myriad sights awaiting visitors at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, one can’t-miss experience is a meet-and-greet with the Expo’s many robots. Visitors to the Marine Robot Pavilion can watch a team of robots dancing to K-pop (left) and see the 6.5-meter tall Navi (right) (photo...


High-speed wireless network to go live at Dokdo
Jun 13, 2012
An LTE network will be in operation at Dokdo (pictured) and Ulleungdo by the end of 2012 (photo courtesy of Ulleung County). By the end of 2012, visitors to Korea’s easternmost islands of Dokdo and Ulleungdo will be able to enjoy the ocean air and coastal views without losing any...


A glimpse of futuristic technologies at Yeosu
Jun 07, 2012
The Yeosu Expo is well under way with over 100 nations around the world busy presenting their unique cultures and technologies. A glimpse at the current status of imaging technology from around the world The Yeosu Expo brought together technologies from every corner of the globe ...


Climate and Environment Pavilion praised by experts
Jun 05, 2012
The Climate and Environment Pavilion at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, one of the Expo’s most popular offerings, has received acclaim from experts for its unique and effective presentation of pressing climate issues.“The Climate and Environment Pavilion is the best and most meaningful of...