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Efforts for Lasting Peace

Efforts for Lasting Peace

Efforts for Lasting Peace

The government of the South has made efforts for a permanent settlement of peace on the Korean Peninsula and the development of good relations with the North through dialogues and exchange and cooperation. It has stuck to its basic stance, i.e. it will continue to strive to improve its relations with the North through dialogue and cooperation even during periods of extreme tension such as that occasioned by the North’s temporary closure of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex. Generally speaking, the government of the South and the South Korean people have succeeded in maintaining a calm and stable social atmosphere.

The South copes flexibly with all outbreaks of tension on the Korean Peninsula by continuing dialogue and cooperation to maintain peace with neighboring countries. As such, South Korea may be claimed to be one of the safest countries in the world.

Since its inauguration in February 2013, the Park Geun-hye government of the South has been pushing ahead with the Trust Building Process on the Korean Peninsula in a bid to develop better relations with the North, primarily by building trust between the two Koreas based on a solid national security stance, securing peace on the Korean Peninsula, and laying the basis for unification. The government is doing its best to promote deterrence, dialogue and cooperation in a balanced fashion and to encourage the North to make the right choices, including renunciation of its nuclear program. It will accelerate its efforts for joint development with the North in order to lay the basis for peaceful unification, and will also make efforts to contribute to peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia and the world through the country’s unification.

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