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Korean Wave

Korean Wave


Reality TV shows come under global spotlight
Jul 15, 2014
Korean reality TV shows are attracting a growing amount of interest from international fans. It was the traditional perception of the media that, unlike soap operas and K...

140710_korea_film_seopyonje_thb2.jpg's list of must-see films: Seopyonje
Jul 10, 2014
Seopyonje (1993) Directed by Im Kwon-taek  It is the early 1960s. A man in his 30s arrives at a tavern in the countryside. He thinks about his past as he lis...

Christmas-140703-thumb2.jpg's list of must-see films: Christmas in August
Jul 03, 2014
Christmas in August (1998)Directed by Hur Jin-ho Jeong-won, played by Han Suk-kyu, is a photographer in his 30s who works out of his own studio on the outskirts of Seou...


Psy's 'Hangover' aims for 100 million views on YouTube
Jul 01, 2014
The music video for Psy's new song, "Hangover," has passed 80 million views on YouTube and is now aiming at 100 million hits. The music video was released on Psy's offici...


Digital comics recognized for speed, technology
Jun 30, 2014
These days, most students encountered during the morning commute are seen busy with their smartphones. They are reading online comic strips, or "webtoons," comics updated...


World Cup host Brazil rocks with K-pop
Jun 27, 2014
Brazil, host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, danced the night away with a K-pop performance on June 8. Some 15,000 fans crowded the HSBC Stadium in Rio de Janeiro to watch th...


Korean animation wins int'l animation awards
Jun 23, 2014
Two Korean animated short films have recently won best prizes at world-leading international animation festivals. Joung Yumi’s “Love Games” and Jeong Dahee’s “Man on the ...


Daehangno reaches out to non-Korean speakers
Jun 19, 2014
Daehangno, or "University Street," is one of the most popular districts in Seoul, especially among young students and promising thespians. The neighborhood is home to man...

140612_korea_film_thb2.jpg's list of must-see films: Joint Security Area
Jun 12, 2014
J.S.A. : Joint Security Area (2000) Directed by Park Chan-wookA shot reverberates across the Joint Security Area in Panmunjeom in the dark dawn of October 28. Swiss Lieu...


Battle of Myeongnyang hits silver screen
Jun 10, 2014
A hero among Korea's many honorable historic figures, Admiral Yi Sun-sin (1545-1598) never lacks special recognition. In the late 16th century during the Japanese invasio...