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The Greatness of the Ordinary

In May 2019, a few days ahead of the 2nd anniversary of his inauguration, President Moon Jae-in contributed an article to Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung under the title “The Greatness of the Ordinary – Reflecting on the new world order.” The article contains President Moon’s governing philosophy: “Sustainable national advancement is possible when ordinary people are happy in their everyday lives.” To him, inclusiveness allows greatness to be found amid the ordinary. It can bring ordinariness together to make change and establish a new environment. Building on this philosophy, the Moon Jaein Administration declared in 2019 its goal of creating an “innovative, inclusive nation.” It is centered on the people because the capabilities of every single ordinary person are the greatest assets of an innovative, inclusive nation. The Moon Jae-in Administration is envisioning an inclusive nation in which people come together to share their strengths and individuals and the entire nation can achieve and enjoy more than before.

A President Who Reaches Out to the Public First

“Just as I did from the beginning, I will go forward with the people.” The message to mark his first anniversary in office is still valid. To seek his path amid the people’s will, President Moon Jae-in still dispenses with standard protocol and mingles in crowds to shake hands, take photos and listen closely to their voices. At the ceremony commemorating the May 18 Democratization Movement in Gwangju, he walked up to a tearful representative for the bereaved families and comforted her with a warm hug after she finished reading a eulogy to her father. In the depth of winter, he visited troops at an army recruit training center on the front lines near the Demilitarized Zone to check on their defense posture and praise them for their hard work. During his stay there, the President even made a video call with one of their family members. During his New Year press conferences, President Moon randomly took and answered questions from the floor to promote the free flow of communication and open dialogue with the media. Moreover, President Moon said he thought communication with the public was crucial and communication with the media was integral to achieving that end. He promised to work hard to have more opportunities to meet with the media.

* President Moon's special contribution to Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung(FAZ)

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