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Korean Wave

Korean Wave


Korean musicians to rock London in June
May 07, 2013
A festival to introduce both traditional and modern Korean music will be held in London from June 14 to 21. The upcoming London Festival of Korean Music, also known as K-...


Korean visual effect technologies impress Hollywood
May 07, 2013
A gorilla named Ling Ling enters the batter’s box, its hair blowing in the wind. As a pitcher throws the ball, its eyes widen and its muscles wriggle. After swinging the ...


Korean musical theater attracts large crowds in Japan
Apr 29, 2013
Endless laughter and applause filled the room as Korean actors sang and danced at a theater in the trendy district of Roppongi in Tokyo on the evening of April 25. It was...


Korean bands tour North America
Apr 17, 2013
Korea’s music scene has been making waves around the world, and it’s not just the K-pop groups that are getting noticed. Last month, eleven Korean bands flew to Austin,...


Korea-made films come to Hollywood
Mar 13, 2013
Just as Korean music finally broke through last year with PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” this might be the year that Korean directors take over Hollywood, according to the Washin...


Korea's musicians honored at KMAs
Mar 05, 2013
The stage at Uniqlo-Ax waits to be filled with winners of the 10th Korean Music Awards.   Korea’s musicians both great and small were honored for their achievement...


Park showcases his color in Stoker
Feb 25, 2013
Director Park Chan-wook’s films are characterized by often deep metaphors and grotesque but aesthetic images, as seen in his previous works such as Old Boy, Thirst, and S...


Chinese ring in lunar new year Gangnam Style
Feb 13, 2013
The year of 2012, more specifically the music scene during the period, cannot be described without mentioning PSY. His smash hit song “Gangnam Style” made history on Yout...


Korean indie film Jiseul won a Grand Jury Prize at Sund...
Jan 31, 2013
The black-and-white film Jiseul won the World Cinema Dramatic Grand Jury Prize for Dramatic Feature at the Sundance Film Festival. This is the first time that a Korean fi...


Korea celebrates 100 million movie tickets
Dec 11, 2012
After the sale of the 100 millionth movie ticket for a Korean movie this year, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) unveiled a celebration to mark the event...