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Korea seeks diversified cultural exchanges with the wor...
Mar 29, 2012
Committed to seeking a world free of nuclear disaster, the recently wrapped-up Seoul Nuclear Security Summit has taken one step toward strengthening nuclear security with...


Shin Kyung-sook wins Man Asia Literary Prize
Mar 26, 2012
Author Shin Kyung-sook (second from left) with Man Asia Literary Prize judges Lee Chang-rae (far left), Razia Iqbal (second from right), and Vikas Swarup (far right) (pho...


Korean children’s books entice European readers
Mar 27, 2012
Korean literature, which has recently increased its international exposure and global reach, arrived in Europe this March at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair from March 1...


Latin America embraces Korean culture
Mar 14, 2012
Over the past years, Korean pop culture has made significant inroads in Latin America despite the geographical distance. With this, Korea’s culture ministry will oversee ...


Design by Korean architect dazzles in Boston
Mar 09, 2012
A night view of Kyu Sung Woo’s graduate student housing project at Harvard University (photo courtesy of Kyu Sung Woo Architects). Next month, at the annual Boston So...


Gwanghwamun becomes cultural hub
Feb 24, 2012
Two new landmarks are coming to one of Seoul’s most frequented areas this year, shedding light on Korea’s contemporary arts and culture. Built in the proximity of Gwanghw...


Gukak girl groups ready to spread gukak hallyu
Oct 04, 2011
A beautiful lady wearing a short Hanbok skirt is playing a janggu, a Korean percussion instrument, under the glamorous lights of the stage. Dynamic breakdancing is also b...


KOCIS publishes second ‘K-Culture’ series
Nov 16, 2011
'K-POP', the second volume of a series on K-Culture was released on November 15 (Photo: Korea Culture and Information Service)“K-POP: A New Force in Pop Music” is a newly...


New museum in Seoul reinvents communication with audien...
Oct 11, 2011
In almost every culturally-rich city stands a landmark museum that embraces the nation’s cultural heritage and latest artistic endeavors: Tate Modern in London for exampl...


Royal palaces offer autumn leaves, culture, and self-re...
Oct 20, 2011
In time for the annual tints of autumn foliage colors, two royal palaces in Seoul are encouraging visitors to slow down their pace and take a culturally-rich self-reflect...