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Korean arts and culture arrive in European capitals
Feb 17, 2012
Last week, Korean arts and culture impressed two of Europe’s culturally-rich cities, Budapest and Stockholm, on the occasion of the opening of the first Korean Cultural C...


Korean crafts and designs lure buyers in New York
Aug 18, 2011
Korean exhibitors at the New York International Gift Fair (Photo courtesy of the Korea Local Promotion Foundation)The New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF), one of the...


Gukak girl groups ready to spread gukak hallyu
Oct 04, 2011
A beautiful lady wearing a short Hanbok skirt is playing a janggu, a Korean percussion instrument, under the glamorous lights of the stage. Dynamic breakdancing is also b...


Hansik restaurants join New York City Restaurant Week
Jan 30, 2012
The verdict is in, and fine dining enthusiasts agree: the New York City fine dining experience is not complete without Hansik, or Korean food. Last October, the New York-...


Korean language education goes global
Feb 07, 2012
In recent years, there has been a rise in worldwide interest in learning Korean, along with the ever-growing popularity of Korean pop culture around the world. The widesp...


Chinese university to open Korean food course
Oct 19, 2011
Bibimbap / Rice Mixed with Vegetables and BeefA four-year college in China will offer a regular class on Hansik, or Korean food.According to the Shanghai branch of the Ko...


Foreign teams compete to promote Korean food
Oct 19, 2011
This month, teams of foreigners will be travelling around Korea to sample the local delicacies. The First Korean Food Tour for Foreign Foodies is organized by the Korean ...


A costume of culture
Nov 09, 2011
Korean citizen Bin Do-rim stands before his hanok house in Damyang  (Photo: Korea Magazine)While some Koreans are slowly distancing themselves from ancient tradition...


Korean folk song “Arirang” arrives in London
Nov 11, 2011
A video promoting the Korean folk song "Arirang" plays on the screens at Piccadilly Circus in London (Photo: Yonhap News). The latest endeavor to spread appreciation...


Traditional plates meet modern palates under the Michel...
Nov 15, 2011
Chef Corey Lee (center) at home in his San Francisco restaurant, Benu (Photo courtesy of Benu). Following the release of the latest Michelin Guide to San Franci...