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Learn about Korean tradition with ‘HAN STYLE’
Aug 05, 2013
For anyone interested in learning about Korean traditions, the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (CHF) has launched a program offering a chance to experience the nation’...

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Every stitch of Joseon royal embroidery holds grace
Aug 02, 2013
For those who are looking for something to bring themselves back to the old days of Korea, there is a good opportunity to embark on a journey to the Joseon Dynasty and ex...


Experience Joseon summer at NFMK
Aug 02, 2013
Entering into summer, the National Folk Museum of Korea (NFMK) came up with an inquiry: how would ancient Koreans have spent sweltering summer days in Joseon (1392-1910) ...


Kimchi welcomed in Mediterranean
Mar 21, 2013
The popularity of Korea’s staple food kimchi has expanded beyond Asia, and is currently receiving media attention in Europe. The interest in the famously healthy food spa...


A taste of Korean culture through Monthly Cultural Prog...
Mar 20, 2013
Native English teachers working in Korea were invited to see non-verbal performance The Tal, which features a mix of taekwondo, traditional Korean dance, percussion, and ...


Gugak program to welcome spring
Mar 13, 2013
The National Gugak Center welcomes spring with a series of gugak performances by its four performance groups. The four groups -- the Folk Music Group, the Court Music Orc...


The beauty of Hanbok in modern times
Jan 28, 2013
Models walk the catwalk dressed in the new style of Hanbok created by promising young designers (photo: Jeon Han).There’s an old saying in Korea, “Fine feathers make fine...


KOCIS publishes new books K-Sports and K-Fashion
Dec 11, 2012
Sports and fashion are the latest two topics to be addressed in the K-Culture series, a series of books released by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS). In...


German architectural experts highlight the uniqueness o...
Dec 10, 2012
The city center of Seoul is packed with massive buildings, but we can still find small back alleys tucked around every corner.This is what a team of two architectural exp...


Author Shin Kyung-sook talks about mother: Yomiuri
Dec 06, 2012
Shin Kyung-sook, the author of Please Look After Mother, said she wanted readers to rediscover the presence of "mom" forgotten in modern society, reported Japanese daily ...