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Overseas Korean academics, language instructors bring K...
Jul 20, 2012
International instructors of the Korean language and Korean studies academics from 23 countries across the globe arrived in Korea on July 2 for a series of training and c...


Korean fermented foods attract global interest
Jul 17, 2012
“Cuisine says a lot about a country. It encapsulates every aspect of the country’s life style and culture and enriches its culture in every respect. Metaphorically speaki...


Hanji metamorphoses lure New Yorkers
Jul 11, 2012
Recently, the metropolitan area of New York has been turned into the venue for a special multi-exposition dedicated to promoting Hanji, a traditional Korean mulberry pape...


Learning Korean on a budget
Jul 05, 2012
As Korea extends its reach culturally and economically, the demand for Korean language education is increasing. Some learn Korean for career or business opportunitie...

musical, Korea.jpg

Korean b-boys rock the world
Jun 29, 2012
It seems that Koreans have traditionally had rhythm in their blood. Street group performances have been an integral part of Korean culture for centuries. Whenever there w...

nighttime in seoul.jpg

A guide to Seoul's nighttime
Jul 02, 2012
One of the things that most impresses foreign visitors to Seoul is the vibrant nightlife of the city. Seoulites proudly say that it is the safe streets of Seoul that make...

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London embraces Korean wave
Jun 26, 2012
Marking the 30-day countdown to the London Olympics 2012, supporters of Korea gathered on June 26 to take part in an outdoor campaign to publicize “All Eyes on Korea,” th...


Book lovers gather in Seoul for SIBF
Jun 26, 2012
The Seoul International Book Fair 2012, the largest event of its kind in Korea, took place at COEX from June 20 to 24. With 2012 designated as Korea’s National Year of Re...

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Robert J. Fouser, Hanok village keeper
Jun 20, 2012
Robert J. Fouser is the first foreign professor to teach Korean language teaching methods at Seoul National University. He also leads a campaign to preserve Seochon Hanok...


An invitation to Korea’s intangible cultural heritage: ...
Jun 15, 2012
Among the many significant legacies passed on from generation to generation are economic prosperity, a healthy environment, world peace, and cultural heritage. In recent ...