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Galleries in Tongui-dong
Apr 08, 2012
The quaint neighborhood of Tongui-dong beckons visitors looking for art, culture, and reminiscences of the past. The old city of Seoul clustered around Gyeongbokgung,...


Korea seeks diversified cultural exchanges with the wor...
Mar 29, 2012
Committed to seeking a world free of nuclear disaster, the recently wrapped-up Seoul Nuclear Security Summit has taken one step toward strengthening nuclear security with...


Come and stay in Hanok
Mar 28, 2012
 One of Special accommodations, Hanok, gives foreign visitors opportunities to better learn Korean culture. “Wow, it’s beautiful!” exclaims Ms. Shiau- Pei after ...


Spouses of NSS leaders to indulge in Korean culture
Mar 23, 2012
As the highest-level leaders converge in Seoul to discuss a shared vision of sustainable nuclear security measures to create a peaceful world, their accompanying spouses ...


Food alleys: Gwangjang Market
Mar 19, 2012
Of all the attractions found in Seoul, perhaps none offer a more authentic cultural experience than the city’s myriad markets. And of those, perhaps none offer the quinte...


Latin America embraces Korean culture
Mar 14, 2012
Over the past years, Korean pop culture has made significant inroads in Latin America despite the geographical distance. With this, Korea’s culture ministry will oversee ...


Korea traditional crafts to welcome foreign leaders
Mar 12, 2012
National leaders who gathered at the National Museum of Korea during the G20 Summit last November were treated to the splendor of a special exhibition of traditional craf...


“Joseon Reawakens,” a royal wedding revived
Mar 07, 2012
(above) Heonseondo is a Korean traditional royal court dance which represents the offering of a legendary peach that ripens every 3,000 years to the king for his longevit...


New Hanok can be built in one day
Feb 23, 2012
The Haru Hanok on display at the 2012 Seoul International Building Material and Decoration Fair (photo courtesy of Maestro)A newly introduced process for building a Hanok...


Well-blended seasonings increase Hansik’s appeal
Feb 17, 2012
Different versions of the same food were presented (photo courtesy of RDA).Recent studies suggest that when it comes to Korean food -- or Hansik -- consumers have clear p...