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President Park Geun-hye, Korea’s first female president

President Park Geun-hye, Korea’s first female president


Vision and goals of the Park Geun-hye Administration

The administrative vision of President Park Geun-hye is "A new era of hope." The Korean government confirmed a total of 140 administrative tasks categorized into 14 categories under the four administrative priorities at a cabinet meeting led by President Park Geun-hye on May 28, 2013.

The four confirmed administrative priorities are achieving “economic revival,” “happiness for the people,” “cultural renaissance,” and laying the “foundation for peaceful unification.”

New administrative tasks have been included under the cultural renaissance administrative priority; “encouraging cultural diversity and extending cultural exchange and cooperation,” “promoting humanities and moral culture studies,” and “boosting content industry.”

Economic democratization, one of the three detailed strategies under the economic revival administrative priority, includes the following detailed tasks; “protecting the economical weak and customers’ rights,” “improving fair trade law implementation system,” “preventing embezzlement of owners of big corporations,” “advancing corporate governance structure” and “laying the foundation for fair competition of financial service.”

For more information about the Park Geun-hye Administration's goals and tasks, visit Cheong Wa Dae.


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What's New

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