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Busan successfully hosts motor show

The Busan International Motor Show 2012

The Busan International Motor Show 2012 was held from May 25 to June 3 at BEXCO in Busan. With the theme “The voyage of the green car across the ocean,” the motor show featured various environmentally friendly vehicles including electric cars and hybrid motors.

Electric vehicles were especially popular among visitors and buyers at the venue. Starting in January this year, various tax benefits such as exemptions on personal consumption, education, and acquisition taxes have been applied to purchasers of electric cars.

Hyundai Motor Company featured its concept car the i-ionic, an extended range electric vehicle in which environment-friendly technology is grafted onto cutting-edge technology.

Extended range electric vehicles are equipped with both a charging device and an engine. If the battery runs out while driving in electric mode, a generator is operated by the engine. This recharges the battery and extends the driving range at the same time. The i-ionic can drive up to 120 kilometers in electric mode and is able to drive up to 700 kilometers if using the motor and engine together.

GM Korea's Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The Volt's range with fully charged batteries is 610 kilometers and it is able to run even when the batteries are drained; after running out of batteries, a 1.4-liter gasoline engine equipped within the vehicle generates electricity to operate for an extended range.

Renault Samsung Motors featured its electric car the SM3 ZE. As seen in the name, Zero Emission (ZE), this electric car emits no carbon emissions and drives up to 182 kilometers on a single charge with a maximum speed of 135 km/h in urban driving mode. In 2013, the SM3 ZE will become Korea’s first mass-produced electric car. It takes six to eight hours to fully charge its batteries with 220V and could charge its batteries in a half hour if using a 400-volt AC current.

The energy consumption efficiency of Kia’s RAY EV is 7.09km/kWh and it drives up to 129.7 kilometers on a single charge with a maximum speed of 135km/h. As an electric car, the tax benefits also apply to the model.

The Busan International Motor Show marked its tenth year and was attended by 96 companies and 173 vehicle models. Visitors to the event exceeded 1.1 million this year, recording the largest number ever.

By Jessica Seoyoung Choi Staff Writer

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