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Seoul to host IPR and brand power seminar

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) will jointly host the “APEC One Village One Brand Seminar” at Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul from Jun. 23 to 25. The purpose of the seminar is to further help understand the importance and the usage of brand power and intellectual property rights (IPR).

The APEC One Village One Brand Seminar was first proposed by KIPO at APEC Intellectual Property Rights Experts' Group (IPEG) last year, as a way to assist developing countries. The proposal was adopted unanimously by all 21 member nations.

The representatives of various government bodies and industries in the APEC region as well as representatives of international organizations and NGOs, and other relevant experts will share their perspective and experience of using brands for local development.

The seminar is a chance to compare different experiences and perspectives related to branding and regional development. It is also expected to shed light on future direction of international development assistance, now that Korea gained membership to the Development Assistant Committee late last year.

The keynote speech will be given by the Convener of the APEC Intellectual Property Rights Experts’ Group Jorge Amigo and Deputy Director General of WIPO Wang Binying. The seminar will be composed of eight sessions and one roundtable meeting to wrap up.

The three-day event will also explore how APEC economies can promote local products through the use of branding strategies and IPR tools, and the role of government and international bodies.

There will also be an exhibition during the seminar period in the same hotel of well-branded local products from member economies to show how branding and intellectual property can be used to promote local goods.

The Design Seoul City Tour will allow participants to experience the beauty of new designs in Seoul through visits to Dongdaemun Design Plaza and its park, Bukcheon Street, Gyeongbokgung (Gyeongbok Palace) and Gwanghwamun Plaza on Jun. 24.

For more information on the seminar call +82 (42) 481 8604) or e-mail (

By Kim Hee-sung Staff Writer  

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