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K-Pop star Baek Ah-yeon makes debut

K-pop Star finalist Baek Ah-yeon finally made her long-awaited debut on September 10 with her first album I’m Baek.

As one of the big three from K-pop Star, a singing competition program aired on SBS, Baek rose to prominence with her captivating and outstanding vocal skills. Having gone through hard training for the past five months, she learned to express deep feelings in her voice.

K-pop star Baek Ah-yeon made her official debut with her title track “Sad Song,” composed by Super Changddai and scripted by JYP (photo courtesy of JYP Entertainment).

Baek, who looks like a fragile little girl, has never been weak. She threw off malignant lymphoma in her childhood and developed a desire to perform on stage early on. She seemed to have constantly developed her singing skills during the audition program’s run, and became the first among the top three finaliststs make an official debut.

“I practiced harder every day and night to give a better performance than I showed in the audition,” said Baek. “I wish I could give hope to those who want to try out for season 2 of K-pop Star.”

Scheduled to take the stage of an SBS music show this Sunday, Baek said she feels a sense of responsibility. “As I am the first one making a TV debut among the K-pop Star members, I feel responsible for having to make a good start.”

Baek will make her TV debut on September 16 through SBS’s music show (photo courtesy of JYP Entertainment).

Baek’s title track “Sad Song” released via YouTube on September 4 exceeded 430,000 views. Baek’s music video is available at her official YouTube channel.

By Jeon Han
Translated by Lee Seung-ah Staff Writer

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