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K-pop star Lee Hai’s debut album ready to release

Lee Hai, who made a big name for herself through audition program K-Pop Star, makes her official debut on October 29.

Lee Hai, set to debut with title track ”1, 2, 3, 4,” already has a strong fan base after having wowed viewers during K-Pop Star with her attractive low voice and incredible singing skills far beyond her 17 years.

 YG Entertainment(photo: YG Entertainment)

Yang Hyun-seok, CEO of YG Entertainment, was reported to have made thorough preparations for her debut, taking care of every single detail himself.

It is one of YG Entertainment’s tactics that they strictly protect Lee’s tracks from leaking to the public while making each of her album jacket images available a day at a time, arousing the interest of fans.

Lee Hai, who made a big name for herself (photo: YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment raised fans’ expectations, mentioning that Lee Hai’s music video for the title track had a budget twice that of regular production costs and was created by director Han Sa-min, who had produced Big Bang’s Monster and 2NE1’s Lonely.

By Jeon Han
Translated by Lee Seung-ah Staff Writers

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