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Culture Ministry holds charity performances across country

Culture Minister Yu In-chon gives speech at the launching ceremony of charity perfomance troupe in Seoul.The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is hosting nationwide charity performances from April this year through January next year.

The so-called "Four Seasons Culture-sharing Troupe" launched by the ministry will visit Korea’s culturally-alienated areas and put on music, plays, puppet theater, traditional and pop culture performances.

From now until next January the troupe will visit a total of 1,300 sites around the country, the ministry said.

At the troupe launching ceremony at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul on Apr. 1, Yu In-chon, the culture minister, hoped that the nationwide charity event would provide people with hope and console the people who have been harshly affected by the economic slowdown.

Representatives of the performance troupe read a declration.Also at the ceremony, a culture charity fund raised by ministry staff was donated to cultural and artistic leaders to be used to offer expanded cultural opportunities to lower income earners.

The troupe’s performing groups include a good many workplace social clubs from private and public enterprises, such as the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, Korea Electric Power Corporation and Kangwon Land Corporation.

The ministry is also running other social projects aimed at giving hope through culture.

Top-class artist groups, such as the Korea National Opera and Seoul Performing Arts Company, will visit and perform at assembly halls in culture-starved towns and villages throughout the year, supported by the ministry.

Furthermore, the ministry will send top quality performing artists to 400 schools in poor neighborhoods. Also, public cultural organizations will hold art exhibitions, traditional music performances and movie screening events in those places.

Lastly, the ministry will dispatch novelists and poets to 100 libraries nationwide to provide the locals with literature lessons.

By James Ro Staff Writer

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