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Goryeong Daegaya Experience Festival commences April 8th

Source : Korea Tourism Organization

The 2010 Daegaya Experience Festival celebrates the Gaya Kingdom of long ago from April 8th to 11th at the Daegaya Museum, Royal Tomb Exhibition Hall and Daegaya History Theme Park. The festival will feature a total of 49 programs, which allow visitors to experience firsthand and learn history of Daegaya (AD 42-562), a tribal country located in the current Goryeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do province.

Among many programs of the festival, “Daegaya’s Knight Experience” and “Daegaya History Game” expected to be the main attractions. With the “Daegaya’s Knight Experience”, visitors can make a helmet, sword and armor by themselves and become a Gaya knight.

The “Daegaya History Game”, lets visitors enjoy a wide variety of games based on relics and chronicle of the kingdom. The “Daegaya’s Relics Experience”, let visitors make replicas of Daegaya’s relics by themselves. In addition to the experience programs, historical reenactments depict the Daegaya people as they weathered hardship and distress and ultimately defended the crown.

During the festival, people can pick up strawberries, a specialty of Goryeong, and visit “Gaesil Maeul Village” where Korea traditions are well-preserved. Also, there are various experience programs at Palman Daejanggyeong Tripitaka Koreana Takbon rock engraving; watermelon seedling planting will take place. Auxiliary events such as the local specialty market and special exhibition of Daegaya’s international exchanges will be held.

The festival programs have been designed for people of all ages to enjoy. The festival will especially be a good opportunity for children to learn the history of the kingdom while hanging out with their family.

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Goryeong-gun Office Culture & Tourism Homepage (Korean, English, Japanese)
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2010 Goryeong Daegaya Experience Festival

Courtesy of: Goryeong-gun County Office

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