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44th Danjong Culture Festival in Yeongwol

Source : Korea Tourism Organization

The 44th Danjong Culture Festival, a major festival of Yeongwol-gun in Gangwon-do, is scheduled to be held for three days from April 23, 2010 to April 25, 2010 under the theme ‘Danjong's Smile’

Organized at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites of Jangneung Royal Tomb, Cheongnyongpo Cape, and Gwanpungheon House, the Danjong Culture Festival is a historic cultural event held annually since 1967. The memorial event is held in memory of Danjong, the 6th king of Joseon Dynasty, who lost the throne to Suyang Daegun (the 7th king, Sejo), his uncle, and was exiled to Yeongwol where he died.

The most interesting event is the Gukjang, or state funeral, of the Joseon Dynasty to be reenacted on April 24, 2010 at Gwanpungheon House. Based on Gukjangdogamuigwe, a historical record specifying the protocol and procedures of Gukjang during the period of King Yeongjo (reign from 1724 to 1776), the reenactment will highlight a Gukjang parade of the early Joseon Dynasty. Through extensive historical research, the ceremonial rituals, costumes, and ritual utensils are reenacted to give the ceremony its utmost historical significance.

On April 23, 2010, the first day of the festival, there will be a folk art contest, Queen Jeongsunwanghu Pageant, classic poem contest, and an invitational performance by the National Center for the Korean Traditional Performing Arts. On the second day, the memorial service for King Danjong, a memorial parade, reenactment of Danjong’s exile, and Jeryeak and nongak music will be organized in Jangneung and Donggang riverside. The last day will close with a goblin performance, a tug-of-war, and hanmadang performance.

During the festival, a special photo exhibition of royal records will be organized at the Donggang Photo Museum. Other side events include rituals at Jangneung Tomb, hanging wish lanterns, a photo exhibition of past Danjong culture festivals, traditional lantern making, and the wearing of royal costumes.

* A gukjang is a state funeral sponsored by the government. It is held in memory of those of high merits and services to the country.
44th Danjong Culture Festival
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Source: Yeongwol-gun County Office

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