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Yeoju Ceramic Festival features exhibitions and sales

Source : Korea Tourism Organization

The 22nd Yeoju Ceramic Festival, the nation's largest event for ceramic arts, will run from April 24, 2010 to May 9, 2010 at the Silleuksa Tourist Resort area in Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do Province. 

Held under the theme 'Yeoju: a thousand years of ceramic-making,' the festival will feature various exhibitions, sales, hands-on programs, and performances. 

◇ Exhibition of master ceramic artists' works ~ The festival’s ‘Master Pavilion’ will showcase the works of porcelain masters, onggi earthenware masters, and ceramic masters of Yeoju-gun, who are listed among the ‘Intangible Cultural Assets’ of the Gyeonggi region. Also on exhibit are 33 medium- to large-sized ceramic murals by 14 artists from the Yeoju and Icheon areas, painted ceramics produced by celebrities, as well as ceramic and onggi materials and traditional tools. Visitors can also see ceramic wares in use, as part of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese-style table settings. Exhibits range from traditional ceramics and ceramics for daily use, to modern ceramic art and architectural ceramics.

◇ Potter's wheel program and ceramic auction ~ In the pottery program, participants can get their hands dirty by trying out the pottery wheel and making their own piece to be fired in a traditional kiln. In other interactive programs, visitors can color a set of 12 dolls or gaksi tal masks made of plaster, or compete in the clay-stacking competition or local foods cooking contest. A variety of children programs are also available, including pinwheel-making, flying of 'wish lanterns’, and a bubble-making demonstration/photo op. The Ceramics Market Pavilion will have a variety of celadon products on sale and will even offer special discounts. Other works of arts can be purchased through the festival’s ceramic auction.    

The official opening ceremony is scheduled for 2pm on April 24, 2010 and will feature the firing of a traditional kiln, a magic show, and traditional farmers' band music. The festival ends on May 9, 2010 following the completion of individual events.

* Festival visitors are eligible for discounts to the major tourist sites of Yeoju

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Official site of the Yeoju Ceramic Festival (Korean only)
The 22nd Yeoju Ceramic Festival
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Source: Yeoju County Office

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