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Poet Kim Yeong-nang’s works published in English

An English translation of works by modern Korean poet Kim Yeong-nang (1903-1950) was recently published by Merwin Asia Publishing Co, with the assistance of the Korean Literature Translation Institute (KLTI).

The translation was done by Emeritus professor An Sonjae (Brother Antony of Taize) of Sogang University. He is a prolific translator of Korean literature, and received the Og-Gwan Order of Culture Merit from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for his efforts in 2008.

Kim was one of Korea’s best known lyrical poets, whose works include “Until Peonies Bloom” and “One Who Knows My Heart.”

As one of the most foremost intellectuals of his times of his times, he resisted Japanese pressure to give up his Korean name and worship at a Shinto Shrine during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

His poetry is considered exceptionally pure and delicate, and one of the foremost examples of Korean lyricism.

Merwin Asia Publishing Co. was established in 2008, and is run by Doug Merwin, the former editor of M.E. Sharpe Publishing Co., who has specialized in Asian literature for the past 30 years.

M.E. Sharpe is a subsidiary of East Gate Books, which has published many noted pieces of Asian literature, including Nobel Prize laureate Oe Kenzaburo’s “The Pinch Runner Memorandum.” Merwin Asia has already published more than 50 pieces of Asian literature, and plans to continue seeking out exceptional examples of Korean literature for publication.

By Kim Hee-sung Staff Writer

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