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Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo brings b-boys, folk music to Japan

It’s been a year since the Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo found its new, spacious home at the Yozya Building in the Shinjuku district. The Korean Cultural Center has continued hosting and organizing events since its reopening.

The Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo has organized a series of seven musical performances to introduce Korean traditional music and k-pop, along with opera and musicals. Additionally, they’ve also offered lessons for locals to learn how to play traditional Korean instruments.

On December 21, the center hosted its first B-boy event featuring the award-winning “Maximum Crew” team, capturing plenty of attention. Korean breakdancers have become major international successes, doing extremely well and gathering top prizes at international competitions and championships. Break dancing is still relatively unknown in Japan, but the Korean Wave has helped build up a Japanese audience for the antics of Korean b-boys.

Maximum Crew performing at the first B-boy event held on Dec. 21 at the Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo

During the 90 minute performance, the crew showed off their strong teamwork and most intense dance moves to music that covered every genre from hip-hop to folksongs. By featuring Arirang, one of the best-known Korean folk songs, and traditional samulnori percussion, the crew opened up a new way of introducing the traditional music abroad through K-pop.

For more information on the Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo and its programs, please visit the official website at (Korean and Japanese)

By Hwang Dana Staff Writer

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