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Hanok Stay programs popular among foreign tourists

North Gyeongsang Province’s Hanok Stay program has became popular among foreign tourists, some of whom are traveling to the province specifically to spend the night in a traditional Korean house. A total of 112,523 people participated in the province’s Hanok Stay experience program in 2010, a 65 percent increase from 2009.

Of those 112,523 tourists, 10,639 people participants were from outside Korea, and the numbers have been steadily increasing. The cities of Yeongju, Yecheon and Bongwha all host popular branches of the program, but Andong was the most popular of all, with 56,000 people visiting the Confucian city.

The ancient Silla capital of Gyeongju also ranks highly among international tourists, which took top honors among Korean spots at the Lonely Planet travel website.  International visitors were especially impressed with the range of programs on offer to allow people to experience traditional Korean culture.

By Jun Kyung Oh Staff Writer

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