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Young Korean chefs to promote kimchi worldwide

Ryu Si-hyung is a young chef on a mission.  He plans to travel to 20 different countries across Asia, Europe and America to promote kimchi.  Over the course of 400 days, he will blog and tweet his adventures camping across continents.

Although kimchi is one of Korea’s most representative dishes, according to Ryu, most people don’t know much about the pickled side dish.  He intends to promote kimchi and Korean cuisine by featuring it in dishes served to people around the globe.

Some of his planned dishes include kimchi-flavored tacos and kebabs, adapting his offerings to local palates and incorporating indigenous foods to make kimchi more friendly and accessible.

Ryu isn’t the only one working on promoting Korean food overseas.  Award-winning chef Oh Juno works in China and aspires to open up a Korean restaurant there in a few years.  He said that Chinese people generally only know of a few Korean dishes, like bibimbap and bulgogi, and he wants to expand people’s understanding of the cuisine by offering interesting and delicious dishes that will help increase the popularity of Korean food in China.

By Oh Jun Kyung Staff Writer

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