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Great Mountains International Music Festival

The 8th Great Mountains International Music Festival kicks off on July 24 and will run for 21 days, ending on August 13. This festival will be held in at the Alpensia Resort in Gangwon Province and showcase musical performances from some of today’s most famous.

Chung Myung-wha and Chung Kyung-wha are serving as the festival’s directors.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Illumination” and will feature performances of music from Mozart, Chopin, Schubert and more.

There will be 27 different programs including student concerts, children’s concerts and a special concert for local residents.

The participants include well-known violinists Todd Phillips and Robert Diaz and cellist Karine Georgian, along with rising stars like pianist Son Yeol-eum, violinist Shin Hyun-su, and violinist Kwun Hyuk-joo.

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By Oh Jun Kyung Staff Writer

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