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Old Seoul Station to be reborn as Culture Station 284

The Old Seoul Station, Korean Historic Site No. 284, will re-open as cultural space.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Craft & Design Foundation announced on July 14 that Old Seoul Station will re-open to public on August 9 as "Culture Station 284" upon completion its two-year-reconstruction and renovation.

Old Seoul Station was the main rail station in Seoul until 2004, when the new Seoul Station opened to accommodate the new KTX high speed trains. Starting in 2007, however, the ministry began using the old station as a cultural site, hosting events, concerts, fashion shows and exhibitions and proving its viability as a multifunctional cultural space.  Reconstruction and renovation to turn the station into a new cultural venue began in 2009.

The two-story building consists of a central hall where diverse exhibitions, events, and performances will be held and a multi-use hall on the second floor for seminars and meetings. The remaining second floor space will be used for offices and a special exhibition hall.

The name "Culture Station 284" was selected through a contest held in April, and combines the station’s new purpose with its historic site designation number. A total of 60 cultural events, including exhibitions and performances, are scheduled to take place by early next year.

By Jessica Seoyoung Choi Staff Writer

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