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Foreign tourists visiting Jeju Island on cruise ships on the rise

There is an increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Jeju Isand on international cruises. On March 18, the cruise ship Bahamas arrived on Jeju Island carrying 966 tourists, and by August 22, a total of 55 international cruise ships had arrived on Jeju Island, carrying more than 41,000 foreign tourists.

There has been a 19.2-percent increase in the number of tourists visiting Jeju Island via cruise since last year, when a total of 34,400 foreign tourists stopped by Jeju Island via cruise ships. Of those foreign tourists, 1,275 were from China and Ukraine.

Currently Jeju Island is getting a lot of attention from foreign tourists, as the island is an official finalist candidate for the New7Wonders of Nature campaign.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Jeju Island is expected to continue increasing, as there will be new cruises operating from China and Japan starting this month.

By Oh Jun Kyung Staff Writer

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