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Korea-Japan Festival 2011 held in Seoul

The first series of the two-part 7th Korea-Japan Festival 2011 was held on September 25 at Seoul Plaza in central Seoul.

This festival has been held by the two governments since 2005 to offer people opportunities to enjoy the traditional and modern cultures of both countries.

Under the slogan of “Thank you Korea, Cheer up Japan,” (unofficial translation) this year’s festival was designed to show Korea’s heartfelt support and aid for victims of the earthquake and tsunami which swept the northeast region of Japan in early March this year.

The festival program included performances by popular singers from both countries, including Yoshikazu Mera and Whee Jine, as well as various cultural experience programs, and traditional performances staged by theater companies from Japan’s Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures, two areas severely hit by the quake and tsunami.

(From left to right) People watch a joint concert of youth orchestras from both Korea and Japan at the Korea-Japan Festival 2011 held in Seoul on September 25 (Yonhap). // Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Choe Kwang sik delivers an address at the opening ceremony of the Korea-Japan Festival 2011.

Hisashi Michigami, a Japanese minister and director of the Public information and Cultural Center in Seoul, expressed his hope in his congratulatory speech for the festival to become a main venue of cultural exchange for youths from Korea and Japan in the future.

This festival was attended by Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Choe Kwang sik and Director Seo Kang-soo of the Korean Culture and Information Service.

Meanwhile, the second part of the festival will be held in Roppongi, central Tokyo, for two days starting on October 1.

The second part of the festival program will include a tightrope walking performance by Korea’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Kim Dae-gyun, K-pop cover dancing and singing festivals, and a concert by famous Korean pop singers and idol groups.

By Yoon Sojung Staff Writer


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