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Jeju haenyeo divers added to UNESCO heritage lis...
Dec 05, 2016
Members of the Korean delegation, including Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong (front row, second from right) and a Jeju haenyeo diver (front row, right), express their joy as the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage announces that the traditi...


Vivaldi’s Fifth Season: Songs of Sacred Irreverence: I ...
Dec 02, 2016
How do poems, as living, breathing, soulful things, seek out and locate their translators? Whatever the answer, the fact that some of the most important contemporary Korean poetry today has chosen holy men and priestly assistants—Brother Anthony of Taizé and Jake Levine—as its ...


Korean recipes: red bean steamed rice cake
Dec 02, 2016
Red bean steamed rice cake, or pat sirutteok (팥시루떡), is one of the most familiar varieties of rice cake in Korea, and people can enjoy them at birthday parties, including a baby’s first birthday, during gosa, or shamanistic rituals, and even when a new neighbor moves in and offer...

Eyes_Of_Dawn_MBC Drama_scene_MAIN.jpg

K-drama masterpieces (5): ‘Eyes of Dawn’
Nov 29, 2016
The 36-episode TV series ‘Eyes of Dawn’ aired on MBC in 1991. It starred Choi Jae-sung (left) as the main male character Choi Dae-chi, and Chae Shi-ra as the main female character Yoon Yeo-ok. From Oct. 7, 1991, to Feb. 6, 1992, one particular TV series attracted many eyes, ...


More than 10 million enjoy royal palaces, shrines
Nov 28, 2016
Visitors watch a reenactment of a ceremonial appointment of a royal gate keeper at Gyeongbokgung Palace in March 2016. More than 10 million people visited Seoul's four main royal palaces and Jongmyo Shrine this year. The number of annual visitors to Seoul's four main royal pala...

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Tense Pasts, Present Futures? Contemporary Korean Poetr...
Nov 25, 2016
This constellation of new translations necessarily updates our view of Korea’s literary firmament. The collection is structured into three chronologically ordered sections and opens with “Poetry of Today,” containing the work of twenty-one poets (all but one still alive, and the ...


Korean recipes: kimchi stew
Nov 25, 2016
“It's so addictive, just like the kimchi stew my mother would make.” Ki Bo-bae was talking about the taste of the Olympic gold medal she won in the women’s team archery event in August this year at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Not only Ki, but for many people, kimc...


Local art foundations help develop culture, the arts
Nov 24, 2016
The Samrye Culture & Arts Village, Pohang Steel Life and the Gwangmyeong Upcycle Art Center. These are all local art foundations that have been highlighted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Nov. 15. In order to encourage cultural development, and to sp...


Farmers’ music played in Kazakhstan
Nov 24, 2016
People practice traditional nongak Korean farmers’ music, including dancing and drumming, in Kazakhstan on Nov. 10. It’s part of a series of classes run by the National Intangible Heritage Center that allows people in Kazakhstan to learn Korea's intangible cultural heritage items...


‘Soul, Sunflower’ jazzes up traditional Korean dance
Nov 22, 2016
A scene from the ‘Soul, Sunflower’ performance at the National Theater of Korea from Nov. 18 to 20. Amid jazz music played by the five-member Saltacello group from Germany, performers from the National Dance Company of Korea brought to the stage the grief felt by a mother who los...