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Enjoy Korean performances at Copacabana
Aug 03, 2016
Korean Rhapsody performs its combined routine of b-boying and traditional Korean dance moves. A variety of Korean arts, including the Korean Rhapsody dance troupe, will be on the stage at Copacabana during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This summer in Rio de Janeiro, where the roa...


In Search of the Essence of Sijo
Aug 03, 2016
Suppose a Korean writer is participating in an international literary conference. And suppose there is a foreign writer who happens to ask him or her about the traditional literary genre of Korea. Most likely, sijo will come into his or her mind, for it is the extant poetic form ...


Do Jong-Hwan: Poems of Love, Loss, and Hope
Aug 01, 2016
When we consider the immense popularity enjoyed by Do Jong-Hwan, both as a poet and as a person, it is quite surprising that it has taken so long for a volume of his most popular poems to be published in English. This new publication offers the additional advantage of being bilin...

Stars in My Heart_Drama_Series_main.jpg

K-drama masterpieces: ‘Star in My Heart’
Aug 01, 2016
Soap operas like SBS's “My Love from the Star" (별에서 온 그대) (2013-2014) and KBS's “Descendants of the Sun" (태양의 후예) (2016) were sensational hits from their very first episode, not only in East Asia but also in TV markets in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Mainland China, ...


Korean recipes: Chogyetang, chilled vinegar mustard chi...
Jul 29, 2016
In summertime, many people look for food to boost their stamina in order to complement the loss of energy, as they sweat a lot due to the hot weather. Many of these foods make them feel hotter and make them sweat in order to ward off the heat. Others, however, don't prefer such h...


Lee Jung Seob: the man, the artist
Jul 28, 2016
Lee Jung Seob produced some of his most celebrated works during his Tongyeong period in 1953 and 1954, such as his famous bull series, as well as numerous oil paintings of the Tongyeong seaside landscape. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lee Jung Seob (191...


Book review: 'The House With a Sunken Courtyard'
Jul 26, 2016
For the longest time, when plowing through "The House With a Sunken Courtyard" ("마당깊은 집") I felt as if nothing was happening. It's an almost daily detailed description of the author's first year in Daegu in 1954 and 1955, living in poverty with his family in post-war urban savage...


Gamin's sounds of wind
Jul 25, 2016
Gamin plays traditional Korean musical instruments.It feels that I really hear the sounds of wind when Gamin plays the traditional Korean musical instruments piri, a double reed bamboo wind instrument similar to an oboe, and saenghwang, a free reed mouth organ made from 17 bamboo...

20160725_Taste of Korea_main.jpg

'Taste of Korea' attracts chefs from around the world
Jul 25, 2016
The final stages of the 'Global Taste of Korea Contest 2016' take place at KBS Hall in Seoul on July 20. Chefs from around the world have presented their own interpretations of traditional Korean recipes in the final stages of the "Global Taste of Korea Contest 2016," held at KB...


Future of comics mapped out in Bucheon
Jul 25, 2016
The upcoming Bucheon International Comics Festival, set to run at the Korea Manhwa Museum in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do Province, from July 27 to 31, will showcase a wide range of comic books and graphic novels from around the world. A comic book and graphic novel-themed festival ...