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Enjoy music, cinema of youthful Cuba
Jun 26, 2015
Ana Meneses (center, left) and Yoerlis Brunet (center, right) show off a dance that combines traditional moves based on flamenco and mixes them with contemporary moves, at Cheonggyecheon Plaza in central Seoul on June 24. A festival has returned to Seoul to encour...


Korea, Singapore celebrate 40-year friendship
Jun 26, 2015
The STARREseconds, made up of Singaporean fans of Korean pop music, perform in the SGKpopcon contest on June 24 in Singapore. The contest was held to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Seoul and Singapore. The Korean Embassy...


Milan enjoys Korea through all five senses
Jun 25, 2015
Performers from the National Gugak Center stage a gilnori street performance in Milan to entertain the crowds and to wish for a successful and comfortable hosting of the World Exposition Milano 2015. The performance was part of a celebration to mark the expo’s Korea Day on June 2...


Korean mountains via stamps, 'Brother Waterfall'
Jun 24, 2015
The first waterfall people see when walking up Baekdusan Mountain along the Amnokgang River, or Yalu River, is the Hyeongje Pokpo, the "Brother Waterfall" or "Sibling Waterfall." The waterfall is located along the upper reaches of the Amnokgang, which flows along the North Korea-...


Disabilities transformed into art
Jun 24, 2015
'The Ring and the Pielong,' Sohn Jaehyeon, intellectually disabled, Korea. Cute drawings of cat-like pets capture the eyes. Colored yellow, green, pink and blue, flowers and people with happy faces create a vivid, lively mood in the picture. This was painted by artist...


Korean mountains via stamps - Baekdusan Mountain
Jun 19, 2015
Baekdusan Mountain is the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula, standing 2,750 meters above sea level. The mountain straddles Hamgyeongbuk-do and Hamgyeongnam-do (North and South Hamgyeong provinces) and the North Korea-China border in the northeastern corner of China. The to...


Music brings Korea, Japan together
Jun 17, 2015
Music will help to bring harmony to the Korea-Japan relationship. Ensembles from the two Asian nations will put on a joint-show titled “Harmony in Music” at the Seoul Arts Center in southern Seoul on June 22. The show is part of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ...


Online comics goes global
Jun 15, 2015
Online comic books, called "webtoons" in Korean, have been around for at least a decade. People of all ages and sexes use their hand-held gadgets to watch and read digital comic strips while commuting or during their spare time. Experts agree that the key behind the instant popul...


Desserts capture hearts of expo-goers in Milan
Jun 12, 2015
World Exposition Milano 2015 is currently well under way, with the participation of some 145 countries from around the world. Traditional food offered at each national pavilion at the expo is one of the highlights of the world fair that can't be missed. Designed around the theme ...


Joseon-era court music, dance to hit the stage in Paris
Jun 12, 2015
Jongmyojeryeak is royal court music written especially for rites held at the Jongmyo Shrine in Seoul where the royal family and other retainers worshiped the kings of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). This ancient form of traditional royal music will come alive again in Paris, Fran...