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User-generated content, essay competitions to improve u...
Aug 12, 2014
An open competition to improve international understanding of Korea is underway. The 2014 Understanding Korea Essay & UCC Contest is being organized by the Center for International Affairs (CEFIA) at the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) and will be held throughout August and S...


Students unite for a feast of the humanities
Aug 12, 2014
A group of university students has recently gathered from across the globe to enjoy an international humanities-focused speech competition. On August 9, the International Education Building at Ewha Womans University hosted the final rounds of the, "Exploring Korean Humanities Tog...

Phila Korea logo thumb 115.jpg

Traveling through history at world stamp exhibit
Aug 11, 2014
Many people in their 30s or older may have once had a childhood fascination with the hobby of collecting stamps, or philately. The colorfully designed stamps pasted on the long-awaited letters were attention grabbing icons during those times. Although local Korean stamps each had...


Korean poems in English: ‘Korean Poetry in Classical Ch...
Aug 08, 2014
Korea and China have a long history of mutual exchanges. Geographical adjacency has made it possible, and far easier, for the two cultures to interact with each other much more than with other groups.The two Asian nations actively engaged in literary exchanges, too, evidenced by ...

140807_korea_film_thb2.jpg's list of must-see films: A Short Love Affair
Aug 07, 2014
A Short Love Affair (1990) Directed by Jang Seon-woo Long unemployed, IlDo, played by Park Joong-hoon, lands a job at a factory that makes skirts. IlDo and his family move to be closer to his workplace, in Umukbaemi, on the outskirts between Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. At the...

Tales from Korea_2013_05-1-thumb2.jpg

Lessons learned from tortoises and hares
Aug 07, 2014
“Byeol Ju Bu Jeon” is a Korean folktale from the 7th century. The story is recorded in Korea’s oldest existent history, published in the 12th century, and has been analyzed by Confucian scholars. The tale resembles Aesop’s fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” in that both tales feat...

onion syrup 115.jpg

Beat the summer heat with onions
Aug 06, 2014
People and their health consciousness are two things that cannot be taken apart. Food has always played a central role in consoling the body and the soul, while enduring the sweltering hot summers and frigid cold winters. Although ginseng and the famous chicken-based soup samgyet...


Pentaport Rock Festival offers escape from sweltering h...
Aug 06, 2014
Incheon's newly-developed neighborhood of Songdo played host to a rock festival on August 1, with electrifying tunes and rock 'n' roll ringing out across the port city. The 2014 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival had rock lovers gather from every corner of the country to escape the ...


Onggi, traditional earthenware vessel in Korea
Aug 05, 2014
This is the ninth part in our series, “Onggi, traditional earthenware vessel in Korea.” Tools Me & Garae (left) The me is used to pound and to knead the clay. The garae is used for cutting the clay. Kkaeggi (center) The kkaeggi is used to sieve out f...

Pope Francis Stamp thumb 2.jpg

Korea Post releases special stamps for papal visit
Aug 05, 2014
On the occasion of Pope Francis' visit to Korea starting August 14, Korea Post will release its "Pope Francis’ Visit to Korea Commemorative Stamps" this Friday, August 8. Pope Francis’ Visit to Korea Commemorative Stamps (image courtesy of the Korea Post)   Two denomin...