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Korean recipes: Naengmyeon (냉면)
Jan 12, 2017
Naengmyeon literally means "noodles in a chilled broth." People used to enjoy the dish as a popular winter specialty. This is because white radish -- one of the main ingredients for dongchimi radish-based water kimchi -- is a seasonal food in the winter, and naengmyeon noodles ar...


Jongno Books relaunched as modern meeting place
Jan 11, 2017
The main floor of the newly opened Jongno Books introduces a wide selection of books in a space with high ceilings and ambient lighting. In the neighborhood of Jongno, once known as the capital's haven for bookworms, a new bookstore with a mountain of history has reopened it...

170111_Paris Fashion Week4_th2.jpg

Paris Fashion Week on another scale
Jan 11, 2017
Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive events in France is Paris Fashion Week. So I took a trip from Istanbul to Paris to see it. However, today I won't tell you about the fashion world or the clothing industry. Instead, we'll discover some of the latest fashions concerning art ...


Vietnamese film fest hits Seoul
Jan 10, 2017
This week, a selection of Vietnamese films will get screen time in front of local audiences across the capital. The 2017 Vietnam Film Day, which will run from Jan. 12 to 14 at the Lotte World Tower Cinema in Jamsil, eastern Seoul, will showcase three Vietnamese films that hav...

170110_nocturnal life_th2.jpg

My nocturnal life in Korea
Jan 10, 2017
I am Salvadoran and I lived there all my life until June 2016 when I traveled to Korea thanks to an exchange program. If you search for information about my country, you can find some things a little bit negative. That’s why my life is only about going to university and only once...


Why the world is going crazy over "Goblin: The Lonely a...
Jan 04, 2017
God, this drama is the BOMB! I can’t even!I don’t even know where to start with my praises for this awesome new Korean drama.I’ve been watching Korean soap operas for a few years now. I don’t consider myself an expert on them, but I am indeed a fan of the great quality content th...


Heyri Art Valley, home to the arts
Jan 04, 2017
Northwest of the capital city, nestled between two mountains in Paju, Gyeonggi-do Province, sits a special village devoted to the cultivation of the arts. The Heyri Art Valley was founded in 1998 by a group of like-minded artists who wanted create a specialized community where a...


Korean mask dance hits Africa’s biggest street party
Jan 04, 2017
Performers from the Bongsan Mask Dance-Drama Preservation Society give a samulnori percussion performance (사물놀이) at the Calabar Carnival in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State in Nigeria, on Dec. 26, with Cross River State Governor Benedict Ayade in attendance. The Korean...


Book Street offers calm in bustling city
Jan 04, 2017
The Gyeongui Line Book Street attracts book-lovers to its train of book booths. It’s a book-themed alleyway stretching for some 250 meters from exit No. 6 at Hongik University Station through the Gyeongui Line Forest. A string of book booths stops passersby and offers the...


Korean saunas booming in US: NYT
Jan 03, 2017
The New York Times sheds new light on the habits and traditions of Korean public baths and spas, traditions that date back centuries, in a Jan. 2 article titled 'A Korean Spa Offers Saunas, Bibimbap and a Taste of Home in New Jersey.' The article takes readers to King Spa & F...