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Korea to produce low-calorie rice jam

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A healthier option for jam is now available, according to Korea’s Rural Development Administration (RDA).

The RDA is introducing a new type of jam that contains less sugar and more fruit content. Traditionally sugar and fruit have been used in about equal proportions when it comes to making jam. However, the RDA-produced jam reduces the amount of sugar from 50 percent down to 30 percent, while maintaining sweetness and flavor and enhancing the true taste of fruit.

The secret is saccharification liquid made out of malted rice. Malting grains develop the enzymes required to modify the grain’s starches into sugars including glucose. In Korea, various cereals have been malted, such as glutinous rice, non-glutinous rice, barley, wheat, and corns, to produce the nation’s traditional alcoholic beverages.

The jam made up of saccharification liquid contains organic acid created in the fermentation process. Fermented jams, the RDA suggests, are effective for overcoming fatigue and speeding up the metabolism. The RDA added that it will also help consumers lose weight as the complex sugars contained in the liquid help burn more calories than simple sugar.

By Lee Seung-ah Staff Writer

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