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K-pop magazine published in Russia

The popularity of Korea’s pop culture has reached Russia.

A K-pop magazine called K-Plus has been launched in Moscow by Russian youths. The magazine widely covers Korean pop culture centered on K-pop and Korean dramas.

This September, the Korean Culture Center in Moscow held a celebration for the publication of the first issue, bringing more than 300 local K-pop fans for a variety of programs including a K-pop contest, a quiz on Korean culture, drawing portraits of Korean idols, and a chopstick competition.

A K-pop magazine called K-Plus was published in Moscow, Russia by local youths in September A K-pop magazine called K-Plus was published in Moscow, Russia by local youths in September (photo: Yonhap News).

The publication of K-Plus magazine was launched at the instigation of five Russian Hallyu fans, who made the first issue possible by contributing articles by themselves, or enlisting the help of freelance writers. The first issue of the publication introduces two Korean singing groups Beast and Sistar and interviews with local K-pop fans.

K-Plus plans to broaden the scope of coverage to include the entertainment industry and pop culture of other Asian countries including Japan and Thailand. The magazine's title K-Plus shows its intent to center on Korean entertainment news with some pieces on other Asian regions added.

One of the K-Plus editorial staff was reported saying as the estimated number of K-pop fans in Russia has reached up to 50,000 and Korean pop culture is gaining more popularity throughout the country, not only in large major cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg but in Siberia and the Far East too.

By Lee Seung-ah Staff Writer

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