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Stamps to mark inauguration of President Park

(이미지 출처: 우정사업본부)

(image courtesy of Korea Post)

Stamps depicting President Park Geun-hye sold out right after their release. Korea Post issued the stamps on February 25, the day of the inauguration of the next Korean president.

The theme of the stamps was “the first female president to open a new era of hope.” The stamps portray the warmness and confidence of President Park on the background of a Korean national flag Taegeukgi.

Images of the stamp booklet show various scenes of President Park’s life from childhood to First Lady, lawmaker to presidential candidate.

(image courtesy of Korea Post)

(image courtesy of Korea Post)

Korea Post reported that the stamps were all sold out within one day right after their release at 3,600 post offices.

By Yoon Sojung

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