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Summit Diplomacy

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Summit Diplomacy


Korea-UAE Summit (November 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak held a summit with Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates, in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi on November 21. The two leaders both expressed satisfaction with the progress of construction on a nuclear power station in Barakah, a project headed by the Korea Electric Power Corporation. President Lee also expressed his gratitude to Sheikh Khalifa for the UAE’s support in finalizing a historic contract that will secure Korea’s oil supply in case of emergency. The two leaders agreed to work together closely to ensure the success of these key projects and President Lee recognized Sheikh Khalifa for his contributions to strengthening Korea-UAE ties by presenting him with the Grand Order of Mugunghwa, the highest decoration awarded by the Korean government.


The 7th East Asia Summit (November 2012)

President Lee Myung-bak took part in the 7th East Asia Summit (EAS) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on November 20. Key outcomes of the summit included the official adoption of the Declaration of the 7th East Asia Summit on Regional Responses to Malaria Control and Addressing Resistance to Antimalarial Medicines as well as the Phnom Penh Declaration on the East Asia Summit Development Initiative.
Economic integration was another important topic of discussion, with summit participants agreeing to commence negotiations for the establishment of a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which will include the ten ASEAN member states along with Korea, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and India.


ASEAN+3 Summit (November 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak attended the 15th ASEAN+3 Summit in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh on November 19. Leaders from the ten ASEAN member states and their counterparts from Korea, Japan, and China exchanged views on food security, the financial crisis, and economic integration. The leaders reviewed the progress that has been made since the first ASEAN+3 Summit in 1997, agreeing that stronger regional cooperation is necessary in the aftermath of the eurozone crisis and welcoming the adoption of the new Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI) for development of a regional bond market. They also agreed to make a concerted effort to enhance food security by implementing the ASEAN+3 Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR) and adopted the Leaders’ Statement on the ASEAN+3 Partnership on Connectivity.


KOREA-ASEAN Summit (November 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak attended the 15th Korea-ASEAN Summit on November 19 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he exchanged thoughts on the present and future of Korea-ASEAN cooperation with the leaders of the ten ASEAN member states.  The leaders noted key accomplishments from the last five years including the completion of the Korea-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (FTA), establishment of the Korea-ASEAN Center, and hosting of the Korea-ASEAN commemorative summit in 2009 as well as the establishment of a strategic partnership between Korea and ASEAN in 2010. They also welcomed the agreement on the ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation which took effect this year and agreed to strengthen their cooperation in green growth and climate change countermeasures.


Korea-Vietnam Summit (November 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak met with Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng of Vietnam on November 19 on the sidelines of the 21st ASEAN and ASEAN+3 summits in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The discussion focused mainly on measures to strengthen the Korea-Vietnam strategic partnership and promote substantive bilateral cooperation, with the two leaders pledging to work together to raise bilateral trade volume and also facilitate progress on ongoing FTA talks. The two leaders also highlighted their progress in the nuclear energy sector and pledged cooperation for further development of their respective industries.


Korea-China Summit (November 2012)

President Lee Myung-bak met with Premier Wen Jiabao of China for a bilateral summit on November 19 on the sidelines of the ASEAN+3 Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Key outcomes of their discussion included an agreement to increase bilateral trade volume to USD 300 billion by 2015 and a related agreement to seek continued progress in Korea-China FTA negotiations. The two leaders also discussed the importance of improving relations on the Korean Peninsula, with Premier Wen agreeing to President Lee’s statement that North Korea should prioritize the livelihood of its people and the health of its economy. They also expressed their hope that the cooperative relationship between their countries will continue under new leadership in the future.


Korea-Thailand Summit (November 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak held a bilateral summit with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra of Thailand on November 10 in Bangkok, where the two leaders agreed to upgrade bilateral relations to the level of a strategic partnership ahead of next year’s 55th anniversary of diplomatic ties. President Lee and PM Shinawatra also discussed cooperative measures to strengthen Thailand’s infrastructure and boost bilateral trade, agreeing to conduct a preliminary study on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between the two countries. Continued cooperation in tourism and aviation as well as regional security were also discussed, with President Lee expressing his gratitude for Thailand’s support of Korea’s efforts for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


Korea-Indonesia Summit (November 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak met with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on November 8 on the sidelines of the Bali Democracy Forum to discuss recent progress in bilateral relations and plans for strengthening the Korea-Indonesia strategic partnership. The two leaders agreed to hasten negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between their countries and finalized terms for a memorandum of understanding on the joint development of environmentally friendly vehicles. President Yudhoyono also presented President Lee with the Bintang Republik Indonesia Adipurna medal, the highest honor given by the Indonesian government.


Korea-Australia Summit (November 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak held a bilateral summit with Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia on November 8 on the sidelines of the Bali Democracy Forum in Indonesia, where the two leaders discussed topics of mutual interest including resource cooperation and economic coordination. They agreed to hold ministerial level meetings in foreign affairs and defense for diplomatic coordination as well as strengthen mutual efforts for international and regional consolidation of economic ties in the aftermath of the global economic crisis. President Lee and PM Gillard also welcomed the recent election of both nations to the UN Security Council and pledged closer collaboration for mutual goals such as green growth.


Korea-Kazakhstan Summit (September 2012)
President Lee Myung-bak held a bilateral summit meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazahkstan, on September 13, while on a state visit to the Central Asian country. The two leaders discussed ways to further improve their strategic partnership on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations. They agreed to work together to expand cooperation in areas such as energy and plant construction, natural resource development, and nuclear energy, and also shared congratulations on the recent groundbeaking for a jointly constructed power plant in Balkhash.