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1950s Korea explored by English medical doctor
Apr 02, 2013
A photo collection that portrays 1950s Korea has been issued by the Seoul Museum of History. The photographs were taken by the late English medical doctor John Selwyn Cornes who volunteered his medical services for the Friends Service Unit in Kunsan from March 1954 until July 195...


A stroll through the blogosphere of Korea
Mar 27, 2013
As Korea’s profile raises worldwide, all aspects of the country are explored by a wide net of bloggers. A blog is an online log of an individual or group’s thoughts, opinions, experiences, and interests. Although most online interaction these days is through social networkin...


Talent and wit of Korean Air Force wow global audiences
Feb 27, 2013
“Do you hear the soldiers sing? Singing the song of the fighter wing?” These are the words, sung to a familiar melody, that ring out in the first several minutes of “Les Militaribles,” a creative parody of the 2012 musical drama film Les Miserables. Produced by the Public Affairs...


Australian blogger offers artistic glimpse into life wi...
Feb 22, 2013
The love story of two young people from different worlds has been attracting widespread attention among Koreans and non-Koreans alike, especially among international couples in Korea in recent weeks. Depicted with humor and honesty through regularly published illustrations on her...


Stephen Epstein: Korea's indie rock scholar
Feb 22, 2013
Korea has changed greatly in the 25 years since Stephen Epstein first came to Korea. The country became a full-fledged democracy, hosted both the 1988 Summer Olympics and the 2002 World Cup, transformed into a high-tech powerhouse, and emerged as a leader in the global community....


German architectural experts highlight the uniqueness o...
Dec 10, 2012
The city center of Seoul is packed with massive buildings, but we can still find small back alleys tucked around every corner.This is what a team of two architectural experts from Germany said during a visit to Seoul for a 17-day exploration of the city. met with them i...


Korean soprano Jo Ji-yung lights up Montreal
Dec 03, 2012
South Korean soprano Jo Ji-yung won the grand prize Laureate at the 19th Gala des Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyriques held in Montreal, Canada on November 25. Jo received the honor in the foreign artists category. Jo's growing profile in the global stage brought her a lucky chance to pl...


“A little bit of interest can make a big difference”
Nov 05, 2012
At Anyang Foreign Language School, just 20 some kilometers outside of Seoul, school is out for lunch. Uniformed students stream out of their classrooms, setting down their bags for an impromptu soccer match on the sports field or finding shady spots on the bleachers to unpack the...


Legendary handball scorer Yoon Kyung-shin
Oct 31, 2012
When the national squad of South Korea paraded into the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, a very tall flagbearer caught people’s eyes. He was Yoon Kyung-shin, a living legend in the world of handball, even dubbed the God of Handball. He was ...


Book recommendation by Ambassador of Sweden
Oct 16, 2012
The Guest by Hwang Sok-yongWhat is it that makes a book worth reading and being translated?The answer to that question is of course highly individual. We all have different requirements and expectations when it comes to what we like to read. But for me, good literature is somethi...