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[Contribution] Hallyu heats up Mexico City
Feb 06, 2012
On the evening of October 11, 2011, I joined a bustling crowd in front of Teatro Julio Castillo to await the start of the first Korean Culture Festival to open in Mexico City.The festival was one of the largest international cultural events held in our country, attracting over 1,...


[Contribution] Hallyu brings color to the nation of Tan...
Jan 30, 2012
Not only me but most Argentines were not familiar with Korea, since the Asian nation does not stand out, being hidden behind China and Japan. I first got to know about Korea because of the taekwondo boom in Argentina and then, just a few years ago, I had access to news on K-Pop a...


Original Hallyu star Choi Seung-hee reborn
Jan 26, 2012
Choi Seung-hee performs her hallyang dance (left) and bodhisattva dance (right). Both of the original works incorporate elements of Korean traditional dance (Photos courtesy of Synnara Records).As Hallyu continues to spread to wider audiences, one of modern Korea’s original cultu...


Miss World Korea finalist Kim Hye-won aspires to inspir...
Jan 16, 2012
“Not being able to hear? It’s like being awake in the middle of the night when everybody else is fast asleep. It can get very lonely, and even frightening. But I’ve never resented being deaf, not once.”Twenty-year-old Kim Hye-won calmly signs each word, her hand motions fluid and...


[Contribution] Korea is yet to be familiar
Jan 10, 2012
Most French people are not very familiar with Korea. In June last year Korea’s SM Concert met with success in France but most of what French people know about Korea comes from media channels such as newspaper and television. When ‘Korea’ is searched in the news section on Google,...


[Contribution] Veggie Korea
Jan 06, 2012
Anne's article published on JoongAng Ilbo, daily newspaper on January 06, 2012.Bulgogi. Galbi. Samgyeopsal. Essential components of Korean cuisine? I beg to differ.Through a journey of tears, tantrums, learnings, discoveries and revelations, I developed an understanding of not on...


[Interview] Korean musicals here to stay
Jan 02, 2012
Sixty-three year-old Yun Ho-jin represents the first generation of Korea’s major musical theatre talents. A veteran musical director and longtime CEO of production company A-Com International, Yun began to garner publicity for Korea’s musical industry in 1995 with The Last Empres...


A life dedicated to a nation
Jan 02, 2012
A portrait of Korean independence activist and educator "Dosan" Ahn Chang-hoWalking around the streets of downtown Riverside, California, one can see statues of famous historical figures. The likeness of Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi can be found, as well as one other:...


Former Peace Corps volunteers visit Korea
Nov 03, 2011
Former Peace Corps volunteers and their families (Photo courtesy of KF)Former Peace Corps volunteers who had served in Korea in the 1960s and 1970s were invited back to Korea from October 16 to 22 by the Korea Foundation (KF) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Includi...


Korean adoptee becomes French senator
Sep 29, 2011
Jean-Vincent Placé (Photo: Yonhap News)A Korean adoptee has been elected to the French senate, becoming the first Asian senator in France. Jean-Vincent Placé ran for office in Essonne, a department in Île de France, and was elected to the senate on September 25. Placé, the Vice-...