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[Contribution] Seoul, soccer and an undying passion
Jul 09, 2010
By Gregory B. CurleyLast month, the people of Seoul once again turned their city into a sea of red as they rooted for their team at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. For one longterm Seoul resident, that awoke memories of 2002 and a magical time that sealed his love for the cou...

Descendants of overseas Korean War veterans visit DMZ
Jul 09, 2010
Grandchildren of United Nations troops who fought in the Korean War visited the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on July 6 and looked around Mount Dorasan observation deck and North Korea’s underground infiltration tunnel. The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs organized a special...


[Contribution] Same old streets, some new perspectives
Jul 02, 2010
By Niels FootmanA few weeks ago, on a Saturday in the middle of May, I had one of those peculiar days that makes me realize I don't know Seoul as well as I thought. Forced by unseasonably poor weather to look for somewhere indoors to go, my girlfriend and I headed to the Daelim C...


[Contribution] Anti-corruption campaign and internation...
Jun 29, 2010
By Lee Jae-oh/chairman of Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission (ACRC)Late last month, I returned home after winding up a week-long visit to global organizations, including the U.N., the World Bank, and the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (USOGE) to publicize Korea’s ant...


[Contribution] Aussie vet says Korea’s gain worth more ...
Jun 25, 2010
By Edmund (Ted) ParkinsonAfter I was discharged from my service in Japan from 1946-48, I did casual work until I joined up to go to Korea to fight for freedom. I was a forward observer with the 161 Battery and supported all the Australian Battalions, King’s Shropshire Light Infan...


[Interview] Preparing for the G-20 Summit
Jun 25, 2010
With the third G-20 Financial Summit in Canada taking place this weekend on Jun. 25 and 26, now it’s almost Seoul’s turn to show the world its ability to pull off a grand gathering of world’s top 20 states. The financial summit in Seoul slated for November this year is far more...


Chosin's heroes and the stories of their lives
Jun 25, 2010
In the winter of 1950, at the height of the “forgotten war,” 15,000 United States soldiers and marines found themselves surrounded by an overwhelming force of communist Chinese soldiers in the frozen mountains of North Korea. After 60 years of silence, the men who survived are te...


[Contribution] The Korean Century
Jun 18, 2010
By Mike Weisbart May 31st, 1996, was a bittersweet night for Korea. In their infinite wisdom, the do-gooders at FIFA elected to grant the hosting rights to the 2002 World Cup to Japan and Korea jointly. I’ll never forget that moment of national joy/agony because I was in a taxi ...

Photo exhibition:
Jun 11, 2010
Last March, star actress Choi Jiwoo visited the Madlangamphisi region in Swaziland, where the international relief organization World Vision has been helping to develop the area. She taught children about sanitation and hygiene using animations, communicated with children by play...

[Contributions] The way to Korean culture is through it...
Jun 11, 2010
by Maria Osetrova My romance with Korea started more than 10 years ago when I chose Korean Language and History as my major at Moscow State University. At that time there was no special reason for me to apply for the Korean department, and I have to confess that it was pretty mu...