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The lasting legacy of poet Yun Dong-ju
Aug 23, 2012
"Wishing not to have so much as a speck of shame toward heaven until the day I die, I suffered, even when the wind stirred the leaves."For most Koreans, whether young or old, the first verses of the late poet Yun Dong-ju’s famous poem “Foreword” are as familiar as the innumerable...


[Contribution] Algerian Ambassador speaks of Korean, Al...
Aug 20, 2012
H.E. Hocine Sahraoui, Algerian Ambassador to Republic of Cultural exchanges between Korean and Arab-Muslim civilizations through the Silk Road date back more than a millennium. In recent years, Korea and Algeria have expanded their diplomatic horizons, further dee...


Foreign resident employees on eco-tour in Korea
Aug 01, 2012
Foreign workers got an opportunity to tour around Korea and learn about environmental protection issues, visiting sites such as the Yeosu Expo as well as several ecological attractions. The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports ...


[Contribution] 100-day festival turns All Eyes to Korea...
Jul 31, 2012
After seven years of waiting and preparation, the London 2012 Olympics have finally begun. With up to a billion people having viewed the Opening Ceremony on Friday, it’s safe to say that all eyes are firmly on London. And that doesn’t just mean pearly kings, red buses, and royalt...


Drawing the future with Dongguri
Jul 26, 2012
Kwon Ki-soo is grinning, surrounded by Dongguri in various poses.Kwon Ki-soo majored in Oriental painting. He drew with meok (Korean traditional black ink) and created half-painting, half-installation works for three to four years. However, Kwon felt frustrated by his own limits ...


Overseas Korean academics, language instructors bring K...
Jul 20, 2012
International instructors of the Korean language and Korean studies academics from 23 countries across the globe arrived in Korea on July 2 for a series of training and cultural sessions co-organized by the National Institute of the Korean Language and Pai Chai University. The oc...


Volunteers spread seeds of hope, Korean culture in Indo...
Jul 19, 2012
Happy Builders, a volunteer corps of Korean college students, extends its community outreach effort and services abroad, this time in Indonesia, presenting an array of cultural exchanges as well. The group, sponsored by Korean steel maker POSCO Engineering & Construction, pai...


Korean fermented foods attract global interest
Jul 17, 2012
“Cuisine says a lot about a country. It encapsulates every aspect of the country’s life style and culture and enriches its culture in every respect. Metaphorically speaking, Hansik is a vessel of Korean culture, and Koreans should be proud of it.”Cho Tae-kwon, chairman of GwangJu...


Dokdo, our home
Jul 11, 2012
Dokdo has never been very hospitable to its human habitants. It is windy, rainy, or snowy at least 300 days a year. To add to its hostility, it is almost always draped with sea fog. Yet, it has permanent residents, who made their home on this unwelcoming place in the East Sea in ...


[Contribution] Carving out future
Jul 10, 2012
Director Woo Jin-yungOn a recent tour of Central and South America that started on June 17, President Lee Myung-bak traveled 45,152 kilometers, the equivalent of a trip around the Earth plus 5,000 kilometers. What are the gains from such a long trip? One is the fact that he was a...